We Are Not A Democracy

Actor John Malkovich and Professor Jeffrey Sachs Drop Truth Bombs

Two video clips on democracy crossed this journalist’s path recently on Twitter, capturing the essence of our problems in such a refreshingly honest way that I had to share them. When you hear the truth spoken, it creates a time-stopping moment.

We have thousands of talking heads in the media conveying what the Western Elites (oligarchs) want you to hear. It all comes from the same place – America is exceptional, and anyone challenging us is wrong. It’s all built on a lie; propaganda created since our first day of conception and inked in our history books is still taught today by our two political parties and “historians.” Why are they still fighting about it – because it’s two versions of an untruth.

Jeffrey Sachs on Democracy

The frustration in Professor Jeffrey Sachs’ voice is easy to detect because he knows the USA is not a democracy. He is a world-renowned economics professor, bestselling author, innovative educator, and global leader in sustainable development. He knows the problem and the solution. We aren’t even close on both because we are so awesome. If you don’t believe us, we’ll bring out Barack Obama to make a speech about how exceptional we are to quiet you down (yes, complete sarcasm).

Here is Jeffrey Sachs shattering that illusion:

I have written countless articles about oligarchy and the United States. Even the great mind; pacifist Albert Einstein states the U.S. was an oligarchy – not a democracy – in 1949 and said, “We were still stuck in our predatory stage of development (settler colonialism).” This is true, but instead of addressing it, we’ve gone down the path of creating the facade that we are somehow exceptional. Using mass propaganda in the 1950s, we began weaving a story about our wonderful we were.

Jeffrey Sachs shatters the illusion that our media paints, including the free press to convey to citizens of the USA that everything is terrific if we listen to our “leaders.” We are not extraordinary, and they are not our “leaders.” The oligarchy has plucked them to rule over the people.

John Malkovich Says We Need More Journalists Like Julian Assange

Here, here! Once again, the case against Julian Assange is political, not legal. Anthony Albanese told voters in Australia that he would help Assange but has done nothing. He lied. He appears to be another lap dog of the U.S. government, just like those in the U.K., Japan, etc.

They are all slimy creatures. At one point, Jeffrey Sachs said, “Everybody in Washington we mainly sociopaths – nature’s gifted liars without a conscience.”

John Malkovich, the acclaimed actor, backs up Jeffrey with this video urging the U.K. government to free Julian Assange so that our government doesn’t carry out acts contrary to the morality of our citizens.

The government is lying, and the media shares those lies with the public. These two gentlemen are calling out the lies and, in the case of Jeffrey Sachs, get shut down (censored) on stage by the moderator. Jeffrey Sachs got shut down on Bloomberg several weeks ago for telling an interviewer, “Conventional wisdom outside the U.S. is that we are responsible for sabotaging the Nord Stream pipelines.

The role of the free press in a democracy (media) is to hold the government accountable – not support government lies. The government’s role was to keep the private sector accountable via regulations – not support the oligarchy’s lies.

As you can see, the truly woke people are starting to take a stand. Disinformation isn’t starting on social media; the dissemination is starting by our corporate media to benefit the oligarchy. We need fewer corporate talking heads and more Sachs, Malkovich, and Assange.

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