Prioritize These Monthly Maintenance Tasks

Your business completes various tasks day in and day out. You make good use of machinery and equipment during this time to ensure projects are finished when they need to be and to a high standard. And that means you need to run a monthly maintenance schedule! It would be best if you were sure your company can turnover with as much efficiency as it did last month, and that won’t happen without a bit of regular upkeep. But what tasks should you focus on here? Here’s a prioritized list of those maintenance issues you’ll need to complete every month.

Patching, Updates, and Backups

You will rely on the digital world a lot in a modern business. As such, you’ll need to make time for patching, updates, and backups at least once a month. The latter option alone is essential. 

You don’t want to lose everything in a malicious attack or a power failure; backups will prevent that! But patching your crucial software is another necessity, and if you fail to update when new code comes out, you could be letting people in via a digital back door. 

Physical System Checks

Business premises are just like any other building: they have a lot of physical systems to run on. These systems include plumbing, heating, electrical wiring, and air conditioning. 

So when you’re putting together a monthly maintenance schedule, note that you’ll need to call someone to check on these. Pipes can freeze and burst, the wiring can burn out and start to smell, and the heating could release dangerous gases into the air – you won’t know unless you have a detailed record to follow! 

Deep Cleaning

Cleaning your business premises can be an afterthought. Many owners don’t immediately include this need on the priority list when setting up. However, it would help if you had a deep clean once a month, especially when germs are in the air. 

Similarly, if you don’t deep clean as and when you can, you may need to call in a commercial pest control service to eliminate critters who have made your walls a home. Know the signs ahead of time and make sure preventative measures are on your list. 

Look into Security Issues

The security of your company is a top priority, there’s no doubt about that. However, you can’t set one security system in place and then think nothing more of it. Using encryption to keep customer details safe is one thing, but changing the encryption form from time to time is best. 

You may also be interested in putting up extra physical security measures, alongside using CCTV on your premises at all times. Remote enabling, so you can access the cameras at any time from anywhere, is a good step in the right direction.

Business maintenance takes many forms. Make sure all of them are included on your list of monthly tasks to do.

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