Exercise Motivation During The Winter Months

Many people find that motivation to exercise is easier to come by at certain times of the year. Perhaps you have a summer holiday booked and are eager to fit in some last-minute sessions, or the longer days mean you’re more inclined to go for a post-work run. However, when winter comes around, it’s easy for this motivation to wane as the poorer weather and busy Christmas schedules influence our workout regimes.

Though it may require slightly more effort, it is possible to maintain a consistent exercise schedule during the winter months. If you typically struggle with this, here are our three tips to help you stay on top of your fitness this festive season. 

Set goals 

When you have a holiday booked or perhaps a summer wedding to prepare for, fitness goals can almost set themselves, and you will likely have strict deadlines if you want to achieve these goals. But when you don’t have these landmark events in your calendar, and you perhaps start to indulge across the Christmas period, we need to be more aware of setting achievable goals to keep our workouts on track.

Whether you set a weight target or are looking to better some personal bests, think about what you want to get from your exercise sessions and tailor your fitness objectives accordingly. Setting these time-sensitive goals will hopefully help you hold onto that motivation throughout winter, giving you a headstart on next year’s fitness endeavors.

Engage in more indoor workouts

When the weather starts to turn and the nights draw in, look to keep your workouts indoors wherever possible. Not only is this the safer option, but avoiding the cold and wet conditions will make you less likely to skip the workout. Even when driving or walking to the gym seems too much of a chore, it’s reassuring to know there are many ways you can work out at home. Technology in this area has come a long way in recent years, mainly since the pandemic brought about a boom in the popularity of online exercising.

From virtual reality to live-streamed classes, there are so many different methods of virtual exercise, so you can find an approach that’s right for you and your goals.

With more people working from home, getting a full workout without stepping out the front door will surely help more people keep active over winter.

Treat yourself to new gear

Whether you’re braving the elements or staying in the comfort of your home, investing in some new gym equipment, clothes and accessories can be a great motivational tool. If you plan on exercising outdoors, you will need to have warm and breathable garments in your wardrobe and some training shoes with undamaged soles.

If money is tight, as it often is at this time of year, perhaps you can include one or two items on your Christmas list. Or, make the most of the pre and post-Christmas sales, when you’ll be able to find gym essentials at a reduced price.

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