Useful Things To Take With You on a Camping Trip

Every fellow traveler needs an essential list of useful things to take with them on a camping trip. Before hitting the road, look around the house for anything you may have forgotten from your camping supply checklist. Let’s plan your camping trip by ensuring you have the right items!

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit should be the first thing you put together, besides stocking up on bulk food supplies. Buy a pre-packed kit or create one with every camper’s essentials, like rash ointment, gauze wrap, and medical tape.


Toiletries are another thing to bring with you. No one wants to go au naturel behind a bush and use leaves to clean up. Bring environmentally-friendly toilet paper, soap, shampoo, conditioner, and anything else to keep yourself fresh and clean daily.

Pro Tip

Avoid scented soaps and shampoo bottles—you might be mistaken for a pretty flower!

Cooking Supplies

If you don’t already have a list of cooking supplies, consider making one now. Depending on if you’ll be a hundred or so miles from civilization, it’s a good idea to have cooking supplies with you so you’re not forced to go into town whenever you’re hungry. Pack portable pots, pans, utensils, plates, and cups.


Firewood is an item the campground may have available already, but it is worthwhile to pick some up from a store if the place you’re going to doesn’t provide wood. Grab a guide on how to start a fire or watch a video before going on the trip to learn how.

Storage Containers

Storage containers come in handy for many things. It’s beneficial to have baggy’s that easily store leftovers and keep bugs and other vermin from intruding on your campsite. Bring a plastic container to store other things like cooking supplies, blankets, and pillows.


One of the useful things to take with you on a camping trip is a generator. A generator is necessary because it helps dwindle boredom by keeping all your electronics powered, so you can continue listening to your favorite playlist while cooking or playing a game. Consider whether renting or buying a generator is right for you.

There always seems to be that thought planted deep in the back of our minds telling us that we’ve forgotten something. If you feel like you forgot to put something away or turn the stove off, go and check again before leaving the house. Also, include these items on your camping checklist before venturing into the wild.

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