3 Preventive Care Tips For Better Health

Preventive care accounted for 33.4% of all health facility visits three years ago. Although it falls short of 50%, it shows how more people have prioritized their health over the years. Health professionals say many medical conditions, including mental health, can be treated without an escalation, but the concern is timing. Unfortunately, many wait until the advanced stages of a disease before seeking help. The change can begin with you.

Diabetes screening

Over 37 million adults have Type 2 diabetes, while 283,000 children have it. The statistics make this blood sugar disease prevalent among all age groups, and you may wonder why. Type 2 diabetes is preventable if only people remain conscientious of healthy habits. Moreover, because it’s closely associated with the obesity epidemic, medical professionals believe unhealthy diet and zero exercise have everything to do with it. In many medical circles, diabetes is regarded as a silent disease because many people do not show symptoms until things get out of hand.

That makes screening all the more critical and necessary, no matter how old you are. Early screening and timely diagnosis can make all the difference in your health journey. What should you expect at a screening? First, there are two screening types; fasting blood sugar and random tests. The former requires you to go without food or drink for 12 hours before the test. The random option, however, is done regardless of any food consumption. Whether you’ve eaten or not, a deviation from normal blood sugar levels will indicate your status.

Weight management

Underweight and overweight issues are primary concerns in diet discussions. Therefore, if you’re worried about maintaining the ideal weight for your body type, you should know more about the factors accounting for it. You’ll be amazed to learn that some weight gain is necessary for vital body functions; the opposite is true. The human body needs a healthy amount of fat for proper cell function. Fat is also responsible for optimal hormone performance and regulation, particularly when you’re female.

In general medical discussions, however, a healthy amount of fat is needed to protect your vital body organs. The problem here is having too much of it – or too little. Finding the right balance for your body type can be elusive, but there’s hope. You have a better chance of maintaining a healthy weight through effective management. So whether it’s through Male Excel or another trusted name, you can choose to live healthier.

Mental health screening

5.4 million people undertook mental health screenings two years ago. A record number indicated that people are taking preventive care more seriously. A few decades ago, mental health disorders were treated with contempt and stigma, making many people refuse help. Their stance led to a deterioration of a condition that could have been treated in its early stages. Often, physical being takes dominance over mental health.

However, paying critical attention to your psychological and emotional well-being has become more crucial. You may overlook stress and anxiety and consider them as usual. However, there’s nothing ordinary about stress dominating your life and preventing you from attending to your basic needs. Periodic mental health screening informs you about the risk factors and how to avoid them.

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