How To Make Your Solar Panels More Effective

Investing in solar power is a great idea. You can slowly get yourself off the grid, save money on your utility bills, and reduce your carbon footprint to help create a better, cleaner world. However, a lot of little things can make your panels less powerful than they could be. Here are some ways to make your solar panels more effective and ensure you get the most power out of your system.

Clean Your Panels

Because your solar panels spend most of their time outside, a lot of debris can build up on them over time. We recommend giving your solar panels a thorough cleaning at least once per month to remove dirt, dust, rain streaks, and anything else that lingers on the glass. You want to use a microfiber cloth and nonabrasive cleaner to ensure you don’t leave any smudges or scratches behind.

Avoid Shade

Most people don’t understand just how much shade can limit your solar energy gathering. A small amount of shade covering one or two cells doesn’t mean that only those cells get limited sunlight. In reality, this causes your entire system to work less efficiently. Knowing how to minimize solar panel shading is massively important and can keep your system running smoothly and efficiently. Try to install your panels in an area where they get ample access to sunlight and don’t have trees hanging overhead.

Let Panels Breathe

One of the best ways to make your solar panels more effective is to ensure they have some room to breathe. Many people place their panels directly onto the surface of their roof. However, solar panels work better when it’s slightly colder, so allowing air to get beneath them can help them be more efficient and long lasting. The electrons in a solar panel rest more when it’s cool, which allows them to produce more energy. If you live in a hotter climate, set your panels up in a way that allows air to flow underneath them.

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