How To Clean Your Anti-Fatigue Mats for Maximum Lifespan

Making everyone on the job comfortable should be a top priority for any employer. One way to accomplish that is to provide anti-fatigue mats for those constantly on their feet. But with the daily use in tough environments, these mats can get dirty in a flash. Learning how to clean your anti-fatigue mats for maximum lifespan promotes cleanliness and longevity, guaranteeing a return on investment.

Perform Regular Inspections

Businesses can benefit from having scheduled inspections for many items in the workplace. While most of the attention goes toward expensive equipment or essential machinery, some might gloss over the wear and tear of anti-fatigue mats.

Mat inspections should be a regular part of your safety routine. You can print off a checklist to help you stay on top. But generally, you should look for any visible damage and assess if a new mat is on the horizon.

Remove Buildup

After the inspection, it could come to light that the mat has more buildup than you anticipated. If that’s the case, act swiftly and remove debris that could negatively affect the lifespan of these mats. To prevent buildup, you must regularly clean the mats and the space beneath and surrounding them.

Move the Mat Around the Building

Heavy-traffic areas can wear down anti-fatigue mats quickly. A solution is to move mats around the building. For instance, you may swap out a well-worn mat with one that sees less activity. Another approach is to relocate an operator who stands in one spot continuously. People rotate tires, flip mattresses, and swap out pillows for the same reason.

You may use this method with mats of any shape or size. In some cases, just a small section of a mat may be in rough shape, but the rest may still be serviceable. If this is the case, you may cut off the worn-out sections, re-border the edges, and reposition the mat to make it fit.

Keep Heavy Equipment Off of the Mats

Damage to your carpets from heavy objects, such as table legs and chairs, might be permanent. Customizing your mats to prevent these goods from wearing them out is the best way. This should be the goal, considering how important anti-fatigue mats are to the workplace.

Otherwise, try to place these mats where feet are the only things on them. If they take on the weight and movement of machines and furniture, their lifespan can decrease significantly.

Knowing how to clean your anti-fatigue mats for maximum lifespan details how to keep these life-saving, productivity-boosting mats so beneficial in the workplace. Because they’re so helpful, you should prioritize keeping them clean and free from stress to protect the feet of everyone.

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