How To Design The Perfect Business Flyer

When you think of advertising your business, the first – and maybe only – thing that comes to mind may be something digital, perhaps social media or your website. However, it could be that the humble flyer is what you need, as this can be a hugely powerful tool for promoting your business, event, or anything else. 

With so much digital stuff happening around us, seeing a tangible paper or card flyer stands out, and customers are potentially more likely to look at it and read what it has to say. If you can make the design interesting and the words make sense, they’re even more likely to take a look and hopefully follow the call to action on the flyer itself. So with that in mind, here are some useful pointers to design the perfect flyer for your business.

Define The Purpose 

So before you can even think about any aspect of the design of your flyer, you’ll need to work out what it is you want it to do – not specifically (not yet, anyway), but more generally, what is the flyer’s purpose? Are you promoting a special sale? Announcing an event? Showcasing a new product? Whatever it is, that will help you determine what the flyer should look like and what information to include. 

On top of this, it’s wise to know your target audience because if you design a flyer they aren’t interested in, you’re wasting a golden opportunity to make more sales. A flyer for a young adult might look quite different compared to a flyer for an older person, and a flyer for a married couple might look different from one for a single person. And so it goes on. You need to take your market into account. Otherwise, your efforts might go unnoticed. 

You’ll Need A Good Headline

Your headline is the first thing people will see – and if it’s no good, it could be the last thing people see because they won’t be interested in reading anymore. Your headline needs to be attention-grabbing, catchy, and, crucially, it has to be relevant to whatever it is you’re selling or promoting. If you miss this last step and just do any title that sounds good, people will be confused, disappointed, and maybe even angry when they realize they got the wrong message – literally – and that’s not good for your reputation or sales. 

If you’re not confident in writing a headline, it can be worth outsourcing this job and letting an expert do it. It will be quicker, more effective, and it should also be cost-effective because if the headline is right, you’ll make more sales and more profit anyway. 

Have High-Quality Imagery 

People aren’t going to want to have to read a lot of information, even if it is interesting and useful – they would much rather look at images that convey at least some of the message. This could include product photos, event images, illustrations, or anything else that makes sense, but whatever you choose, it needs to look great and tell a story where possible. 

Of course, vendors need to choose great printing companies if they’re relying on the bright colors and images they’ve chosen to attract customers, so this is something you’ll need to bear in mind. A good printer will make the colors pop, and a bad one might mean they all merge, or they’re not as bright as they could be, and no one will see the flyer. 

Incorporate A Call To Action (CTA)

Every good flyer (or every flyer you want to be good!) should have a call to action or CTA. This line or short sentence tells your audience what they need to do next. It could be that they need to visit a website, make a purchase, make a phone call, book an appointment, or anything else. 

It might seem like this is a decision and action the reader would make themselves, but the reality is that unless they’re told to do it, many people will just wait until another time or forget about it completely. By using a CTA on your flyer and using persuasive language to put your point across, you’ll find that more people get in touch or buy something – it’s a very simple and hugely effective thing that you can’t ignore, and it has to go on your flyer.

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