Gaming – Take It To A New Level

Gaming is a great hobby where you don’t need to go outside. This is great for winter or if you aren’t the outdoor type. You can still stay social with online gaming. But you can also buy merchandise and plan long sessions to take your gaming to another level.

Tell a Story with Your Gaming

Games have some of the most astonishing worlds and stories to rival the best books and Hollywood movies. More than silly fun, AAA games like Red Dead Redemption 2 combine storytelling, graphic and audio design, and advanced programming tech to make fantasies come true. The stories are epic sometimes. Many gamers like to use a name generator, mods, and fanfiction to add more to their favorite games and create their own stories.

Get the Merch to Immerse Yourself

It’s pretty standard for developers to release merchandise for their AAA games. This can help you get in the mood and feel connected to the game. Popular merchandise includes clothing like hoodies, coffee mugs, and action figures of characters. Yet sometimes there isn’t much available. The recently released Starfield is a good example. There isn’t much merch for this game. But that hasn’t stopped creative artists on Etsy from making their own.

Supplementals when Getting Into Games

There is one excellent way to get more insight into your favorite games, and that’s with supplemental materials. Materials such as game guides and art books are an excellent way to feel close to your games, and you can often find information not available elsewhere. Making games is one of those jobs that look easy but isn’t. Art books give you an appreciation for the work that goes into a game that sells up to 20 million copies, like Sony’s Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Make the Time for Your Sessions

You’ve pre-ordered a game, pre-downloaded it, and even pre-installed it. It’s close to release, and you’re getting excited. But no! You forgot to book the time off work, alone at home, or reschedule an appointment. AAA games these days are enormous, with engrossing stories and open worlds to explore. As such, a AAA game these days has an average playtime of 20 to 60 hours. So, even a weekend of gaming can feel like you have only scratched the surface.

Consider Buying DLC

Downloadable Content (DLC) is pretty standard with game releases these days, and you can even get exclusive content before the game is released. Take Spider-Man 2, for example, where you can get two outfits for both Spideys just for pre-ordering and ten more with the digital deluxe version. DLCs like this can add more to your game, and often, they aren’t available after the game has been released, so you potentially have extra content that many other gamers do not.


You can make the story your own during gaming and immerse yourself further with artbooks and guides. DLC also adds nice extras that can elevate your gaming experience.

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