9 Jobs That Look Easy But Are Difficult

Like a Challenging Career?

Countless jobs look easy but are much harder to do than you initially think. Some might be for you if you love a challenge and are looking for a career change. From getting a job in IT to making your way into online vlogging, here are a few suggestions.

Being a Locksmith

You don’t just poke at a lock to open them. Locksmithing is a very skilled job that requires a broad understanding of how all locks and key systems work. In a perfect world, there would be no need for a locksmith, but people need them for many reasons. Accidental lockouts, safety concerns, and evictions are all common reasons for calling one. The training itself requires tools from reputable brands, and here are some of our favorites to get you started.

IT Jobs That Look Easy

People assume sitting at a computer all day and working on networks, communication systems, or even programming is easy. But the truth is that any IT work, from office admin to cybersecurity, is extensive, neverending, and highly skilled. Additionally, the salary has been vastly reduced over the past 20 years. Today, most companies want a multi-skilled IT who can do ten jobs for little money, including networking and hardware. 

Any Security Jobs

One of the most dangerous jobs is security work. It isn’t easy to spot criminals, and when you do, what happens? Most of the time, you must deal with confrontations that can quickly escalate into something much more dangerous. Maybe it’s because they don’t have the same power as the police that they are attacked more. But security guards are killed more often than police officers. On average, around 112 security officers are killed on the job each year.

Veterinary Care Assistants

You would be forgiven for thinking it is all fun and games around animals. But vet care is all about animal health, and this causes extreme stress for staff and clients. The pressure of a sick pet means people are often rude, and yes, you can sneak in a cuddle or two from a puppy or kitten, but more often than not, you have to deal with disgusting issues like bladder leakage and the smell of parvo, going from one bad scenario to another with a smile on your face.

Working in a Supermarket

Supermarket staff are the unsung heroes of the Covid-19 pandemic. It just has to be said. Like nurses and doctors, they held the front line without the same praise. And if you think you have what it takes to do this seemingly easy job, you might want to rethink what that means.

The many skills that are required

  • Anyone in a customer service role needs the patience of a saint for just one day.
  • Time management is essential, as one wrong move can throw everything off.
  • Getting along with colleagues is vital for keeping the store running smoothly.
  • Anything can and does happen, so you need the ability to think fast on your feet.

Shocking supermarket staff statistics

  • Supermarket brands report thousands of staff assaults every week.
  • Lack of safety and open hostility contribute to extreme anxiety among shop workers.
  • Mental health issues with supermarket staff increased by 14% following the pandemic.

If someone says working in a supermarket is easy, they probably don’t really do their job. The stats alone are shocking, yet supermarket staff don’t get anywhere near the same treatment as other professions, especially when it comes to public or union support.

Online Writing and Publishing

Anyone can start a blog, and anyone can write. But if you think it’s easy to write for a living, you may be shocked to learn it’s one of the hardest online jobs you can do. As a writer trying to make it with stories, the competition is enormous, and you must be very lucky. Yet even blogging means you have to become a marketing expert as well. When writing for clients, you need to be able to research quickly and efficiently and change your style based on their needs.

eCommerce Dropshipping Business

Up to 90% of eCommerce ventures fail for numerous reasons, including poor products, no marketing strategy, and making bad decisions with money. One of the hardest ventures is dropshipping, and while it sounds easy on the face of it, it is a complex job. Dropshipping is essentially marketing products, and you rarely have the stock you sell. But you need to master the logistics of order fulfillment to operate a successful venture.

Jobs That Look Easy Includes Vlogging

Vlogging is similar to blogging but relies on video content instead. YouTubers are perfect examples. It looks deceptively easy to make videos, and to be fair; the video part isn’t too hard. You just hit the record button, right? Well, yeah, you can do that. But then there is the editing of the videos, which requires some knowledge of apps like Adobe Premier. But the hardest part of vlogging is the competition via branding, staying fresh in a niche, and constant content creation.

Being a Waiter or Waitress

So many people think it’s easy to serve people in a restaurant. It is not easy at all. First, you need supreme confidence to deal with strangers face to face. Then, you must be able to hold your own when people complain. And people complain a lot when they are hungry. In a restaurant, most people act like they are the only customers and, therefore, must have 100% of your attention immediately. Think about this before applying for the job.


If you like a challenge, jobs like locksmithing, IT work, and online writing are examples of jobs that look easy but aren’t. Of course, you can consider many other examples, such as animal care, working in a supermarket, and waiting tables in a restaurant.

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