How To Get Customers To Your New Dentistry Business

Opening a new dentistry business is an exciting venture many dream of doing. It’s a chance for you to turn your passion into your own company and run it with your own ideas and inspiration, helping people to improve their teeth. Yet one of the main things you need to do when you open your dentistry business is bring in new customers. Customers are imperative for making money and growing your company so you want to do all you can to get as many as possible through your doors. In this article we take a look at how to get customers to your new dentistry business and some top things you can do.

Ensure it’s a positive environment for them to be in 

A lot of people find going to the dentist stressful and it can be anxiety-inducing for many. To help people want to come – and pass on the good news to their friends and family – ensure you create a safe and positive destination for them. There are many things you can do such as painting the walls a relaxing color, ensuring there is a comfy waiting room to be in, ensuring it’s clean and safe and having plants and plenty of natural light. Ensure your staff are friendly and welcoming and it’s a place where people don’t feel scared to come.

Encourage people to leave reviews

Reviews are an essential tool for any business as they can encourage new customers to come to you over competitors. When someone is looking for a new dentist to move to or have a treatment, they will first look at the reviews on Google to check out if somewhere is legitimate and how good it is. By getting your customers to leave reviews, you can help build up a positive image of your dentist. If you ever get any negative reviews, address them immediately and show that you work to rectify any situations. This shows your commitment to those that are registered with you.

Focus on your marketing

Marketing your business is highly important for getting new customers as well as enticing back existing ones for other treatments. Marketing has a broad spectrum of things under this umbrella and you want to do what you can to help bring people in. You will need a website to showcase your dentist and the offerings you have and this should be optimized for SEO so have a good page speed, be optimized for the keywords you want to rank for and have images that aren’t too large. 

You’ll also want to focus on other forms of marketing such as social media marketing, this includes posting on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as designing flyers and advertisements. You might want to advertise on billboards, on other websites or on Google depending on your target audience and where you want to captivate them. Create a mailing list with existing customers (ensuring it’s GDPR compliant) and send them special offers and things such as on their birthday or other times to entice them to book a treatment or appointment with you.

Think about the area your dentist is in

The location where your dentist is based is important in the customers you will get in. It’s a good idea to do significant research into the area, making sure it doesn’t have a high crime rate and that there aren’t too many other competitors for you to battle against. You want it to be somewhere that’s easily accessible by public transport and that also has places for people to park when coming in for their treatment. These will make it a more attractive prospect for those looking to come to you and will give you the edge against other, less accessible dentists in the area.

These are just a few top tips that can help you to get customers to your new dentistry business. While you don’t need to do all of them, they’re all guaranteed to be a real help to getting your business seen by those who matter most. It’s important to keep in mind that getting customers isn’t something that can happen overnight. It can take time, but by putting in the hard work and taking the right steps, you’re sure to reap the benefits. What are some of the top tips that you are going to utilize for opening your dental business? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

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