5 Reasons To Use Geothermal Energy

The impact of fossil fuels on climate change has been a serious concern for environmentalists. While they remain abundant in nature, renewable energy sources have been gaining traction recently as companies search for green solutions to add to their energy mix. Geothermal is among the promising sustainable energy sources your business should consider, as it can reduce your carbon footprint and improve your energy sufficiency. If you are still not convinced, here are five reasons you should consider. 

Readily available 

Geothermal energy comes from intense heat stored in vast quantities inside water reservoirs in the crust. Geologic forces constantly replenish the superheated aquifers tapped for geothermal energy generation; these natural cycles make geothermal energy virtually limitless. That said, it is not only renewable; It’s always available 24/7. You may want to consider this option if you need a renewable energy source that does not depend on weather conditions like wind or solar. Averagely, a geothermal plant can generate energy for 8,600 hours annually, while solar can produce roughly 2,000 hours. The rate of geothermal energy production in the short and medium term is relatively constant. It could be the best alternative energy source to meet your business’s heating and cooling needs.

Silent energy

Even when operating at full capacity, geothermal plants create less noise. During the construction or excavation phase, a little noise may be inevitable. Once the installation is complete, you can rest assured that your workers will not have to deal with unpleasant sounds that could affect their concentration and productivity. 


Although potential waste products may be released, geothermal systems are not carbon-heavy compared to burning oil or coal. Steam, the most common form of geothermal waste, is released during the electricity generation process. If your business wants to transition to clean energy, investing in a geothermal plant will help you meet your carbon footprint reduction goals. Consider hiring a leading renewable energy company to develop and operate one for your business on a budget. If you require REG, waste heat recovery specialists will use the right technology to convert waste heat from your industrial processes into renewable power for on-site applications.

Low cost

The upfront costs of this energy source are worth the investment. Once you set up a geothermal energy plant, operating it will be cost-effective as no fuel is required. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about the supply running low or energy prices increasing due to geopolitical issues; the operating costs remain a lot lower over time.

Huge energy potential

The world’s energy consumption level currently hovers around 15 terawatts, which is way below the potential energy from geothermal sources. A few kilometers below the earth’s surface exists enough energy to meet most of humanity’s requirements. The United State’s estimated geothermal energy potential is about 530 GW. Experts believe the number of these resources will increase with research. According to some estimations, geothermal power plants can generate between 0.0035 and 3 terawatts of power.

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