How to Feel Accomplished with Work

Many of us don’t feel accomplished with work, whether at home or in the office. But why? You put in the effort, right? There are many reasons, not least how you feel about your job. But it helps to make the most of what we have. From setting goals to discipline, here are some suggestions.

Use Your Best Skills and Know-How

We all have something we are good at. For you, it could be using computers, a valuable skill in almost every workplace. But when we don’t get to use our skills, the enjoyment of work can evaporate. In these cases, it can be a good idea to switch careers. Many SEO companies are hiring talented people as more businesses look to build an online presence. Putting your skills to good use often yields a sense of accomplishment.

Feel Accomplished with Work with Goals

Some people are goal-oriented, and others are not. If you don’t make goals and plans, there is an argument for doing so. Even though only around 3% of us make goals for work, we are 42% more likely to succeed if we write them down. Just think how much more you could get done at work, or at home, with a clear plan of action. This could make for more family time at home, but may even impress your bosses while getting on with your daily tasks.

Keep a Journal of Your Achievements

There is nothing wrong with being proud of the things you achieve. People who take part in sports get trophies. So why shouldn’t you have something to look back over your achievements? Trophies for work would be a bit strange. So, some people find it helpful to detail achievements in a personal journal or scrapbook. These are excellent mementos for looking back at the things you are proud of. Saved the company some cash? This can be used as promotion leverage!

Fix Things that Have Been Neglected

It can feel like the list of things to deal with never ends. Of course, there are priorities at work and at home. But the small things will build up over time. Whenever you have some rare spare time, it can help to take care of smaller jobs, or they can niggle the back of your mind or end up with people chasing you about them. Need to fill a report? Get it done on the commute. Have emails not been answered in a while? Please take five minutes to deal with them at the end of each day.

Look After Yourself Every Day

Looking after yourself is vital for getting through a tough workday. Yet many of us neglect to care for even some of the most basic things. This can be bad when you need to feel your best, so always practice a little self-care. We’re all different, but here are some vital things to consider:

  • Establish an effective sleep routine that works for you.
  • Never miss breakfast because you need brain and body fuel in the morning.
  • Hydrate yourself with water to keep your brain working efficiently.
  • Take small breaks throughout the day to restore mental and physical energy.
  • Take in more natural light, even if it means going for a five-minute walk.
  • Socialize with colleagues when you have the chance to feel valued.
  • Focus on one task at a time to save your mind from becoming overwhelmed.

Sleeping, eating well, and drinking enough water are the top three you must address. These are excellent for restoring and maintaining energy for the day’s work. However, it is also vital that you interact with others for a social fix and try not to take on too much work either.

Be Open to Feedback for Improvement

Feedback can be scary, but the real value is in how you use it. When someone points out something you may be doing wrong, they aren’t always being rude. None of us are perfect, and you may have done something wrong at work. But we all make mistakes. Use criticism and feedback to correct your mistakes to feel better about your work moving forward. Of course, bring it up with your boss if you feel someone is harassing you at work.

Make Time for Engaging with Colleagues

You don’t want to be someone who never engages with anyone at work. This is how petty rumors are started, and it can make your work life miserable. Building positive relationships at work is vital for maintaining your respect and feeling better about going into the office. This also ensures you can effectively communicate with others when something goes wrong and work better as part of a team. This helps you feel a sense of accomplishment upon completion.

Stay Disciplined to Feel Accomplished with Work

Distractions are all around us whether we go into the office or work from home. According to one survey by Gitnux, around 84% of us get distracted at work, and 34% get less job satisfaction. Focusing on one task at a time is a great way to remove distractions until you have completed it. Remove distractions such as your phone, emails, and social media messages when you should be working, which can also keep you out of trouble.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

You are you, and you can only be you. We have all seen people at work doing amazing things and wanted to be that person. But your time will come. You will never get where you want to be or appreciate your own self-worth if you compare yourself or your work to others. Of course, it helps to have role models and positive influences, but we are also unique. Your progress may also be slower than that of someone else, but anything worth it takes time, including yourself.


Knowing how to use your skills and abilities will help you feel accomplished with work. It also helps to look after yourself with some personal self-care. And try not to compare yourself or your work to others. This only ends up devaluing the work you are doing and encourages negativity.

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