4 Methods to Stay Organized as Your Business Expands

Juggling everything on your checklist as a business owner never gets any easier, especially during a business expansion. Your focus is often on the integral organization of your business and how you can serve your clients in the best possible way. This can often mean that other aspects of running your company can take a backseat, and certain elements could go awry at times. When it comes to small business growth you need to stay on top of your organizational skills through every stage of your expansion; once you have found your own personal methods of arranging your time, communications and stock you will soon breeze through this unique stage of growing your business.

Keep Track of Your Stock and Products

If you’re running a business, especially in e-commerce you will likely have an increase in stock and products to keep track of as your business expands. This means that you need to find a space to keep this stock, and you need to find a method of tracking and managing these products. In some cases, you may find that on-site storage helps you to control your stock and keep it in a safe and secure place that is easily accessible to you. Staying across stock control is a huge part of scaling your business, so using a combination of storage and stock-taking software will help the process to run as smoothly as possible.

Organize Your Days Meticulously

Each of your working days should be dedicated to achieving a very specific goal so that you are always on top of your workload. This may be segmenting your days so that all of your business calls are on one day, and one day of the week is purely for creative work. Organizing your days in this meticulous manner will help you to stay focused and as productive as possible.

Stay on Top of Communication

Maintaining a clear line of communication with all of the stakeholders involved in your business will be a huge helping hand when you’re working on business growth. You may need to let them know about a delay in response time due to your extra workload, or a change in the process of ordering and receiving products. As long as you’re transparent about any changes occurring within your business, you will feel supported as your company continues to evolve.

Hire a VA

As your business expands, your workload is inevitably going to increase. Instead of overworking yourself or leaving certain aspects of your business uncovered, you may want to consider hiring a virtual assistant who can help lighten some of your administrative tasks. Whether you need someone to run your social media, or you require some help replying to customer queries, a freelance VA will help you to stay organized as your business grows.

Taking some time to assess the various moving parts of your business will help you to feel in control and empowered with every decision you make. Whether you need to invest in storage space to hold your new stock or you want to delve deeper into organizing your daily schedule, there is so much you can do to create a smooth, well-oiled and productive business model.

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