How To Eco-Vate Your Old House

Old houses are known for not being particularly energy-efficient. However, with a few eco-friendly renovations (eco-vations) this can be put right. Below are just 5 ways to renovate a home and make it more eco-friendly.

Replace old light bulbs

If your house has light bulbs in it that haven’t been replaced for years, there’s a chance that they could be old incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs not only use less energy, but are brighter, making them a better choice. They cost more to buy than regular bulbs, but will save you money in the long run. This is the simplest way to eco-vate your home.

Install solar panels

Solar panels can harvest energy from the sun, which can be converted into electricity to power your home. With enough solar panels installed, it’s possible to take your home off-grid and never have to pay an energy bill again. Your home will also be more environmentally friendly, because you’ll be powering it using green energy. Unfortunately, solar panels aren’t cheap to install – you’ll need to be willing to spend several thousand dollars for a decent solar panel system. You will however make your money back in the long run (even if you move, installing solar panels will increase the value of your home, making them a worthwhile investment). 

Switch to smart HVAC

Smart HVAC allows you to precisely control your home’s heating and cooling from an app on your phone. On top of being able to achieve the perfect temperature, a smart HVAC system can help you to save money by telling you in real time how much you are spending. Being more wary of your bills as you’re spending them could make you more wary of when you use your HVAC – and ultimately lead to you consuming less energy. Contact HVAC installation companies to see how much it would cost to upgrade your HVAC to a smart system. 

Improve insulation

Insulation helps to trap heat in your home. This can help you to consume less energy by not having to turn up the heating as high or as often. Many newer homes are already well insulated, but older homes typically lack basic insulation. A few insulation upgrades to consider could include installing double pane windows, filling cavity walls and possibly insulating your attic. Insulation companies can help offer advice on different insulation methods and can install these for you. Certain types of insulation could be more effective than others, but also potentially more expensive.

Recycle greywater

Greywater is wastewater from sinks and showers. Much of this can be re-used for purposes such as flushing the toilet (one of the biggest sources of water consumption in our homes). By recycling water, you could use less water and save money on your water bill. Such an upgrade is particularly worthwhile in places that are prone to water shortages. How do you install a greywater recycling system? It is best to consult a specialist company who can help create the best plumbing design for your home.

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