5 Ways a Wide-Format Printer Can Help Your Business

Wide-format printers do exactly what they sound like they do. They provide large printouts and employ a variety of materials and surfaces. In short, this is not your father’s photocopier, and a wide-format printer offers plenty of advertising, marketing, and sales opportunities. Here are five ways a wide-format printer can help your business. Take note and consider buying one for your business.

Produce High-Quality Posters and Ads

Self-promotion is a staple of business, and producing a series of posters and other advertisements is a great way to let people know who you are and what you do. Wide-format printers offer multiple marketing opportunities. Don’t leave your store’s or facility’s walls and windows blank. Produce images and messaging with a wide-format printer, and put the results where potential clients can see them. Wide-format printing doesn’t just generate posters. It can also turn out murals, window displays, outdoor banners, and other advertisements. So put your message out there!

Offer Wide-Format Printing Services

The kid with the coolest toys often has the most friends. If you run an office-supply store or printing or mailing service and you’re the only one in town with a wide-format printer, your appeal will rise. Local businesses will come to you to print their advertisements and posters. Architects and engineers need to run off plans and blueprints. You can also offer the ability to blow up family photos, reproduce documents on a larger scale, create presentation materials, and more.

Save Money by Keeping Things In-House

A wide-format printer is a big investment, but it’s one that can pay off over time as you produce and reproduce your own materials. You won’t have to deal with extra expenses. You’ll avoid hiring outside printers, running off last-minute prints, making corrections, paying for shipping and handling expenses, and playing the waiting game for a print project. Be your own printer and reduce costs in time and money.

Print Art for Art’s Sake

If creativity is your forte, you can provide a panoply of artistic services to any number of businesses and homeowners. As mentioned, wide-format printers are great for producing large-scale murals. Interior decorators, designers, companies, and people looking to brighten up a room in their house will appreciate the fact that you can not only design but also produce the final artwork, ready to install!

Be Inspired

Here’s the last of our five ways a wide-format printer can help your business. Having an on-site wide-format printer can spark new ideas for promotions. When you can experiment and learn from your mistakes with fewer financial repercussions, you’ll find yourself more willing to try new things. And wide-format printers are versatile—they can print to paper, film, mylar, vinyl, decal material, and more. This means an almost endless assortment of advertisements and marketing techniques are available to you. Look into picking up a wide-format printer today!

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