Should You Buy A Second-Hand Sofa

Second-hand furniture could save you money. But there are drawbacks to buying a used sofa. This post asks a few important questions to help you decide whether buying a second-hand sofa is a good idea.

What’s your budget?

A high quality brand new sofa will often cost upwards of $1000. If you can’t afford this and don’t want to take out finance, a second-hand sofa is a good alternative. You can buy used sofas for as little as $100 – and even find some used sofas for free on the likes of Facebook. It is worth noting that there are some brand new flat-pack sofas that you can buy for less than $200, but they’re not likely to be very comfortable or last that long. You can also rent new sofas for a cheap price upfront, and these can be higher quality, although you may pay more in the long run. 

Who is the previous owner?

When buying a used sofa, it can be very important to consider the previous owner. Buying a sofa from a family member or friend can be the perfect situation, because you know that person and how they live. With strangers, you may have less of an idea as to how they live and what has been spilt on the sofa/if it’s got bugs. If you turn up at a seller’s address and their home stinks or is messy, it may be a good idea to call off the sale, as the sofa could be very unhygienic (particularly if it’s a fabric sofa). Buying from a second-hand furniture store can be more of a gamble, however a good second-hand store will thoroughly clean all furniture before selling it (which a private seller will rarely do). 

What condition is it in?

It’s worth inspecting the general condition of the sofa to determine whether it’s worthwhile buying. If there’s a lot of visible damage, then of course you should avoid buying it. Sitting on a used sofa before buying it can help you to identify any further damage. Does the sofa creak? Do the cushions feel flat or does the sofa feel as if it’s sagging? These could be signs that the sofa is already heavily worn  and likely to need replacing soon. 

How will you pick it up?

Not everyone has a suitable vehicle for picking up a sofa. At the same time, most private sellers won’t be willing to deliver to you. This means that you may have to hire a van or hire someone with  a bigger vehicle to pick up the sofa for you. There are likely to be pickup and delivery services in your area that you can use. Some second-hand furniture stores may be able to arrange delivery for you, but others won’t.

Are you looking for an antique?

Some antique sofas are highly sought after such as old leather chesterfields. When buying these used sofas, you should be prepared to pay a higher price to guarantee quality. Always inspect these sofas in person and ask the seller questions to determine the authenticity. There are antique furniture stores and online sellers who are often easier to trust than private sellers – they will ensure all antique furniture sold is in good condition and may be able to tell you about the history of each item.

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