4 Short-Term Rental Solutions

In an ideal world, your current lease would end on the same day as your new one began, and you would already have a new house ready. However, having a few days, weeks, or months between moving dates can happen sometimes, so you must locate a place to stay. You are not alone, as the number of people living in temporary housing has increased by 10% since 2022.  Fortunately, there are many possibilities for short-term or temporary residential solutions, including the following. 

Take an Airbnb reservation

Airbnb is a great alternative for finding a short-term place to stay. Airbnb links homeowners with people in need of a place to stay. Rental options range from a single room in the host’s residence to full houses. More unusual alternatives include houseboats, treehouses, and even castles. Because of the variety of housing alternatives, there is a wide range of pricing to suit almost any budget. The average cost of an Airbnb reservation could be $160 per night. They are often less expensive and more private than hotels. 

Corporate housing 

This option provides short-term rentals of temporary housing to individuals or families. Renters can live in lofts for rent or even a condo. These alternatives may provide affordable temporary lodging for rent or under some other agreement. Since property management companies have been interested in the temporary rental industry, corporate housing/ executive rentals are now available to anybody looking to relocate on a short-term lease. Most homes are fully furnished, reducing the time the tenant will have to relocate his or her belongings. 

Hotels for an extended stay

If you want to stay in a hotel temporarily, you should have no trouble locating one nearby. You should note that the typical studio rate at a cheap hotel ranges from less than $40 to $150 per night for upmarket establishments. Weekly prices are discounted based on the length of your stay, the size of your accommodation, and your location. As with corporate housing, housekeeping and bedding are included in the limited facilities of an extended-stay hotel, although amenities vary from hotel to hotel. Most large hotel companies include on-site laundry facilities and rooms with a small kitchen, so feel free to consider this. 

Staying with family and friends 

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Depending on how long you need to locate temporary accommodation and who you know in the region, you may be able to stay with friends for a short time. This is by far the most cost-effective choice on the list. Friends and families seldom charge you to stay in their homes, which means you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars instead of paying for a hotel or rental. If you are at ease in the place, it may seem more like you are at your home the entire time rather than finding space between houses. 

Seeking temporary housing is easier than ever. Hopefully, you’ll consider these options and choose one that fits your needs.

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