Should You Buy A Home With A Warranty

Maybe, But Not Always

Buying a home with a warranty sounds like a good idea. After all, you wouldn’t dream of purchasing a car without one. With that said, there are some interesting downsides. Getting builders’ cover for your property isn’t always a sound idea. 

The purpose of this post is to look at some of the reasons why getting a home with a warranty might be a good idea, as well as why you might want to skip it. By the end, you should have a more balanced perspective and be in a better position to make a decision. 

Reasons To Consider A Home Warranty

Here are some reasons why you might want a home warranty: 

You’re Not Sure About The Home’s Condition

First, you might want to get a home warranty if you’re unsure of the property’s condition. Guarantees can help if you didn’t pay for a survey or haven’t had a chance to test the equipment. 

For example, the built-in oven in the kitchen might look good, but it might also break down in the first month, saddling you with a massive bill. 

Likewise, the boiler could have a full-service record history, but it could also be in poor condition, thanks to the previous owner. 

You Want Convenience

Another reason to get a property with a warranty is the sheer convenience it offers. If something goes wrong, you simply phone the local contractors or handymen and get it fixed. 

This factor prevents you from having to organize work on your home yourself. You just make a single phone call and someone else sorts it out for you. 

You Are Budgeting

People also get warranties because of the need to budget. Spreading cost over a longer period with a warranty is often a better option (from a cash flow perspective), than carrying out repair work as you go along. 

You Want Peace Of Mind

Lastly, some people just want peace of mind when buying a new home. They don’t want to have to worry about making expensive repairs to the boiler, carpets, or foundations. 

Reasons Not To Get A Home Warranty

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At the same time, there are some interesting reasons not to get a home warranty

You Want A Discount

Taking a home without a warranty can help to slash the asking price. Owners know they don’t have to provide any guarantees, reducing the long-term costs to them. 

It also helps in the case of a quitclaim deed. Going without a warranty reduces the price of the home (even if there are legal concerns surrounding the validity of the deed). This way, you might be able to get even more money off the purchase price. 

You Know The Appliances, Fittings, And Finishes Are New

Knowing the appliances, fittings, and finishes are new is another reason why you might not want a home with a warranty. The extra cost simply might not be worth it. Many builders offer warranties on new homes, but hardly anyone uses them due to the fact homes are already high-spec and in good working order.

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