8 Ideas for Making Your Home More Livable

You have a lot of responsibilities as a homeowner. You may be so busy that you have put doing home projects on the back burner. 

However, it’s important that you keep your property updated and in good shape throughout the years. Your first order of business is to gather some ideas as to what you can do to improve your house. Learn about eight ideas for making your home a better place to live.

Declutter & Get Organized

Now is a good time to go through your belongings and figure out what you want to keep and get rid of or donate. Getting rid of what you don’t need will make space for the items you love. You should also focus your efforts on getting your home better organized. This way you can more easily find what you need and save yourself time and headaches. It may require you to add and come up with more storage solutions. Decluttering and organizing your home will boost your mood and make your home a better place to live. 

Focus on the Exterior

You also want to make sure you’re making a good first impression with your property. This will require you to focus time and energy on the exterior of your home. There are many different ways to boost the curb appeal and add some value to your property. Pay attention to your landscaping and be sure to trim back bushes and trees. If you have trees that need to be taken down then contact a tree removal professional service to help. There may also be bigger projects you want to tackle such as replacing old garage doors or a cracked driveway. Decorate your front porch and paint your front door an attractive color. You may also want to work on creating a backyard oasis with a grilling and entertainment area. Consider planting a garden that you can work in when the weather is nice. 

Decorate & Paint

Make your home a better place to live by taking the time to decorate and paint your rooms. You may want to stick to a neutral palette to brighten up dark spaces. It will also be useful to have fresh paint on the walls if you plan on selling your home in the near future. Painting is a project you can tackle yourself if you want to save some money. Also, spend time decorating and personalizing your spaces. Only place out the items you love so that you can create a minimalist approach to your home decor and reduce clutter. You may also want to rearrange some of your furniture for a fresh look and feel. 

Improve the Bedroom Space

You want to make sure you’re getting plenty of good sleep each night if you want to feel your best. Therefore, it’s worth your time and energy to improve the bedroom space. Invest in a sturdy mattress and comfortable bedding that helps you sleep better. You also want to make sure you keep your bedroom space clean and well-organized. This may require you to invest in more storage solutions. Paint the walls a soothing color and hang up some artwork or pictures. You may also want to set up a reading nook you can retreat to if you have the space. You want your bedroom to make you feel at ease the minute you step foot in it. Make sure the room smells good by adding some candles or incense. 

Invest in New Flooring

Stained and outdated carpet can be a real eye-sore. Therefore, you may want to think about investing in new flooring in your home. Consider more durable and easy-to-maintain options such as luxury vinyl planks. They not only look great but will hold up well over the years. They are especially great to install if you have kids and pets running around. Keep in mind that you can always lay down area rugs to add a pop of color and warmth under your feet. New flooring will instantly improve the look and feel of your home and is a chance to add some value to your property. 

Enhance the Lighting

A dark and dreary home can quickly dampen your mood. Try to draw in as much natural light as possible during the daytime hours by opening blinds and pulling back curtains. You may even want to think about installing some skylights in certain rooms. Work on enhancing the lighting in your home by replacing old light fixtures and covers. Try your best to layer your lighting so you have plenty of ways to illuminate your spaces. You should also think about adding some more lamps and candles throughout your home. You may want to put some lights on dimmer switches so you can set the right mood and tone. 

Update the Kitchen

One of the most important rooms in your home is the kitchen space. It’s likely where you spend a lot of time preparing meals and conversing with family or guests. Homeowners and potential home buyers agree that the kitchen is an essential room in any home. Make your home a better place to live by spending time updating the kitchen. You don’t necessarily have to move forward with a full remodel to make a positive impact. Instead, there are smaller projects that will help make a big difference in this room. For example, you may want to install an island in the center of the room and add pendant lighting above it. You should also think about investing in energy-efficient appliances and adding a backsplash behind the kitchen sink area. 

Finish the Basement

Make your home a better place to live by adding more usable square footage. One idea is to finish the basement space. This way you will have more available space to maneuver around in. You can set up an entertainment area for watching movies and sports or turn your basement into a play area for the kids. Another idea is to turn the basement into a guest bedroom where visitors can stay. You’ll enjoy having this extra room, especially during the winter months when you are around the house more.

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