Topics about local musicians and their music.

Why Music Is Good For Your Mental Health

Music can do a lot for us in life, and many people like to listen to it either every once…

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How To Get Kids Interested in Musical Instruments

While many parents will dread their child playing musical instruments because of the noise it creates, it’s also essential to…

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How To Break Into The Music Scene

There’s no bad time to get into music. If you’re even remotely musically inclined, nothing stops you from getting involved…

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How to Start Recording Your Own Music

Recording your own music at home comes with a range of benefits. It allows you to get started when you…

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Technology That Has Changed Music

Music technology has somewhat taken over in recent years, hasn’t it? Our world has become more digitally-led, and we’re also…

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7 Ways To Market Your Music

Recorded a song or album and want to start making money from it? Making money from music requires a lot…

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