The Hangover: Did You Party Like It Was 1999?

The morning after a night of partying is often not a pretty one. Of course, there is nothing worse than the moment when you can feel the hangover starting to kick in. But don’t worry, as I’ve got some top tips to help you cure the hangover.


After a night of drinking, you will be dehydrated, which is why you need to load up on fluids to alleviate the light-headedness, dizziness, and headaches. Plenty of water is advised for hydration and ginger ale, coconut water, and sports drinks. Ginger ale is great if you have an upset stomach, whilst coconut water and sports drinks can help you feel better because they will supply you with the nutrients that alcohol has stripped from you. It would be best if you stayed away from caffeine, as this will only make matters worse.

Go back to sleep

One of the reasons you feel ill and groggy after a night out is because alcohol disrupts the sleep cycle. If you get a few hours more rest, you are assured to wake up feeling better.

Boiled water with lemon and honey

This is a great combination because the honey helps to balance your blood sugar levels while the lemon replenishes the vitamins you need. 


While this sounds counterintuitive, a workout is a good idea if you can bring yourself to exercise. Many experts believe this helps you to sweat out the alcohol in your body. Not only this, but you will experience a boost in your mood thanks to the endorphin release. Don’t forget to drink water whilst exercising; you’ll need it, as your body is already dehydrated. 

Snack on mild-flavored carbohydrates

This includes the likes of toast and crackers. These foods are advisable because they will soak up the alcohol in your system whilst also helping to alleviate nausea. You should avoid oily and/or heavy foods because they will make you feel more nauseous. Please stay away from spicy and acidic foods, as they are more difficult for the body to digest. 

Take a painkiller

One way to minimize the effect of drinking alcohol is to take either ibuprofen or aspirin. These are especially advisable if you are suffering from a dreaded headache. If you can’t stop being sick, you will have to wait until your body recovers before you take a painkiller. It would help if you certainly didn’t take another dose after you’ve thrown up. Many people take tumbles when they have been drunk, so that you may need something like Cipladon instead. What is Cipladon used for? Any pain reliever would work.

Avoid more alcohol

A lot of people drink more alcohol when they have a hangover. But, unfortunately, all you are doing is prolonging the inevitable, and when your hangover kicks in, it will be a lot worse.

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