Four Growing Industries Hiring Workers

The world is constantly changing, and the job market reflects what is happening in the world. Over the last few years, there have been some major shifts in the employment market, and we are now witnessing specific industries struggle to keep up with the demand. Here are some of the industries that are booming right now, and jobs are growing.

Tech support

It shouldn’t be surprising that technical support is a growing industry; the world relies on computers more than ever. Tech support comes in so many different forms assisting many industries that would not be possible without computers. There are several different ways to become a qualified tech support worker, so it is worth your while exploring the various routes to make it happen. Thankfully, roles are appearing worldwide, so you don’t have to be in a particular place to land a job in tech support.


Throughout the Covid lockdowns, drivers became the saviors to us all, from the delivery drivers that brought our take-out food to the bus drivers that transported other essential workers to their jobs. Since then, the demand for CDL truck driving jobs has grown, and it looks as though it will continue for a while. One significant change in this industry could be that the type of trucks will become greener, but the number of trucks on the roads will continue to rise. In addition, having deliveries made to our homes is more important than ever now that people are working from home more often.


The world hasn’t just changed; it’s going green too. There are climate agreements that are being put in place and carried out, which means that there is a demand for people who can work in the renewable field. Many people working in coal mines and oil fields are training to maintain windmills and turbines for green energy. The demand for fossil fuels is dipping, and the job market is picking up on this already. When working in renewables, you have the chance to travel as power companies train staff in different locations around the globe.

Drone pilots

Flying is still a glamorous career, but now you don’t even need to leave the ground. Flying drones is a job area that is growing massively. Drone pilots are required for a range of different industries, including the military and deliveries. Many companies are experimenting with drones to see if they can enhance their productivity and increase customer service. One big question about this area is how the sky will cope with hundreds of drones flying about to make deliveries. If this isn’t your thing, but you want to fly a drone, there is a huge demand for aerial photography and artwork.

As you can see, some jobs will keep growing for the next few years. However, we can’t wait to see the other career paths opening up in the coming years for the next generations.

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