Digital Platforms: Listen To My Voice

Digital platforms have made it increasingly more accessible for people to create content. For instance, on social media, every user can become a content creator, regardless of whether they represent a famous international brand or are a single mum of two living in Brooklyn. Yet, when you live surrounded by creators, how do you ensure your content will be heard and seen? 

Being noticed by creative professionals, influencers, and solo entrepreneurs is more than a matter of pride. It’s all about business survival. So how do you get your voice heard and recognized from the crowd in a busy digital space where everyone can become a creator?

Why share your content

The first and most important thing that every individual creative needs to understand is that creation in silence is no creation. Your content must be noticed and acknowledged; otherwise, it doesn’t exist. Therefore, as a professional creative, sharing your content is crucial to establishing your brand. Your content becomes synonymous with your identity, your niche market, and your reputation. As a creator, your content defines who you are. Therefore, when the content is not shared or seen, you don’t exist for your audience. 

Reliable tech for your home

Unless you happen to have an agent who can book an artist studio, you need to equip your home with the technology you need to create. Thankfully, being creative doesn’t have to break the bank. Writers, for instance, can set up a writing studio at home with a reliable computer, laptop or desktop, and a cybersecurity system. On the other hand, suppose you wish to build music or video content. In that case, you can invest in specialist technology for your needs, such as buying a camera and a microphone. The right equipment can significantly improve the quality of your content, making it easier to get noticed. 

Get your voice out there

Whether you are writing, singing, or painting, you need to showcase your work in the best possible way. The good news is that nowadays, a variety of digital platforms encourage creatives to share their works. For instance, you don’t need an agent to sell music on iTunes or publish your fanfiction online. Therefore, to make sure your voice reaches out to the right audience, your priority is to determine the best platform for it. Digital artists, for instance, can use Instagram to display their creations. But, on the other hand, dancers need a video platform such as YouTube. 

Test, test, test

Is your work ready to share? It’s impossible to tell without testing on your target audience. That’s precisely why every creative needs a beta testing audience. Writers can reach out to beat readers to improve their plots and discover weaknesses in the stories. Musicians can play their new songs to a selected audience to gather opinions and enhance. Working with a beta audience can make a great deal of difference, as it gives creatives a chance to bring the best possible work to the market. Quality sets you apart from others. 

It can be tempting for creative professionals to use paid advertising and marketing tricks to stand out from the crowd. Yet, no marketing budget can fix issues in content management. Marketing can help you maximize your reach. But it doesn’t replace your identity, technology, publishing platform, and beta testing process.

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