Five Ways To Refresh Your Home

With the turn of the year comes the desire for change. Some people do it with a diet and others do it with the promise of travel, but it’s the need to clean the house and ensure that your home feels refreshed that motivates most people. Cleaning the house and getting rid of all of the old clutter is going to help you to become a happier, healthier person and give you a good, clean start for the year.

Knowing that you will be waking up in January with a clean home is a peaceful feeling. You can do all of this with the help of a great cleaning company for the house and Labor Panes for the windows, or you can do it all yourself. The point is that you can give your home a refresh and start your year right, and here are some of the things that you can add to your list to show you exactly what you need to make your year start off in the right way:

  1. Get your life admin sorted out. It’s not just about the house, but you need to make a list of things that you need to clear for your life to feel on track. Life admin really makes a difference and if you don’t ensure that you are on top of yours, it’s going to follow you into the year. So, review your current utilities and the companies you use, and make sure that your house is looking and feeling fresh. You can clear off your old computer files, get your home admin sorted and file all of that built up paperwork, too. 
  2. Deep clean the house. This is where you might want to call in the experts, but if you’re handling it yourself, you want to make sure that you move methodically room to room and clean the entire thing; walls and all! You want to know that every surface including the baseboards has been wiped properly as this will make the difference between whether your home is clean or not.
  3. Go through your belongings. Your clothes, your shoes, the bags – go through it all. Go through all of your pockets, try on all of your clothes to see if they fit, get rid of anything you haven’t used in six months (aside from sentimental things). Then step back and see how you can make even further changes. 
  4. Go through the refrigerator. Your appliances in the kitchen need a good scrub down before the New Year. There’s nothing wrong with continuing the regimen but it feels so much better when your house is cleaned and ready for the year ahead. You can feel it in your soul that you have made the right choices, and you will be able to get on top of all of your health when you know your refrigerator is clean.
  5. Take down the Christmas decorations. Most people like to leave the decorations up into the year, but taking yours down allows you to refresh the house and make it feel good.

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Kyle Wolfe

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