6 Tips for Employee Safety

Everyone already knows the importance of employee safety. You want to ensure that the whole space can work efficiently, feel safe, and avoid potential lawsuits. Employee safety tends to be a major priority, not only due to lawsuits and fines but also because there are laws, regulations, and organizations to keep employees safe. Most likely, your business has a safety protocol for various situations, and each employee has read through and assessed the protocol, right?

Not enough businesses realize this, but companies need to look into multiple aspects of safety. Sure, there is the physical safety and wellbeing of employees, but what we’re seeing now, more than ever with the Great Resignation, is that many companies are neglecting mental wellbeing safety.

The lack of safety both physically and mentally will make employees move onto another company that will ensure their safety. However, if you ever expect your business to survive and thrive, you need to think about your employees and how they may feel. This post will give you pointers to promote safety and wellbeing in the workspace, regardless of industry.

Evaluate employee safety protocols

Regardless of the workspace, whether it be an office or a warehouse, there needs to be a safety protocol; there should be multiple for multiple situations. While it may not be likely for a fire to break out or someone in the workspace get a second-degree burn injury, it’s best always to have safety protocols just in case something were to go wrong. It’s also best to think about once or twice a year to enforce employees, including management, to get a refresh on the safety protocol. This way, it continuously stays fresh on everyone’s mind if something were to go wrong.

Grant employees latitude

This, of course, may depend on the mistake. For instance, if someone forgot to wear their mask outside of the office or cubicle, don’t threaten to fire them. It’s just a minor mistake that happened by accident. Your employees shouldn’t have to worry over minor errors. These mistakes don’t even need to be safety-related; it could be their work performance, showing up a couple of minutes late, and in general, things that are hardly an inconvenience.

If employees are getting terrified over accidents or mistakes, you have to reevaluate your management, work environment, and the company culture as a whole. Your employees shouldn’t have to be terrified of the job or who they work with. This is only going to cause more stress for them, and it will get to the point where they’re going to leave in the pursuit of finding a better company. Instead, if you want security for your business, embrace these minor mistakes. Your employees are human; people make mistakes.

Allow for mistakes; in fact, embrace mistakes because something better could come from it. Although, people should indeed learn from their mistakes; they’re not going to be able to grow and develop if they’re going to be chastised for what happened. The key to success for any business is employee happiness and growth, and if your business doesn’t have this key, it’s high time to reevaluate before your business is left in the dust.

Emphasize the importance of community safety

All employees have the right to feel safe in the work they do; if they don’t feel safe, then you can expect that they’ll move to a company that will ensure their safety. Everyone should feel safe at work; therefore, if there are any issues, they need to be addressed. Safety means continued productivity, and if an employee has something to say about their concerns about being safe, it needs to be listened to and addressed. 

Always take these matters seriously because it could lead to potential boycotts, companies leaving, lousy press (which means a bad reputation), fines, and even a possible lawsuit. However, you can discuss with your employees that personal liability insurance can make them feel safer while their issue is being addressed.

Allow employees to be themselves

Your employees are not robots; they are each their person with their interests, personality, and background. Why try to make everyone act the same? You should allow your employees to be themselves, will enable them to look the way they want, and just let them feel comfortable in their skin. Never expect your team to act like a bunch of clones; it’s not going to get your business very far. Instead, let the team celebrate who they are, allow them to celebrate their achievements, shoot for their goals, reach their milestones, and give them the chance to grow. This can go a long way as it reinforces company loyalty to the employees.

Let everyone know they have a voice

Your employees should be allowed to speak up if something is happening, and they should be allowed to speak up without having to deal with getting harassed, punished, or fired. If there is a genuine concern, you should listen to what your employees say. Your employees need to be heard. Allow your employees to freely express their thoughts, concerns, ideas, and viewpoints. Most likely, your employees are there every day, just like you. They spend a lot of time working there, so their voices need to be heard.

Think about the weather

Unfortunately, many companies don’t consider the weather outside to be a safety hazard. Even if there is a tornado warning, some companies will still enforce their workers to stay put or get fired. It’s not good, and all this is going to do is break any potential trust; plus there is a significant chance of bad press as well. If the weather is terrible, such as too much snow, severe weather like a tornado, or a hurricane, do not force your employees to show up to work and do not force them to stay at work when it’s going to be unsafe.

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