Planning An Outdoor Wedding?

Are you in the middle of planning your wedding? Have you considered having an outdoor wedding? Most people think the venues of their choice always have to be venues with a hotel attached or a good dance floor with a DJ, but did you know you could get these even with an outdoor wedding?

When you have an outdoor wedding, you are embracing adventure. Choosing to get a range of custom 10×10 canopy options to have your reception under can be one of the best things you do for yourself and your guests. Timing is everything when it comes to an outdoor wedding. Whether you decide on a destination outdoor wedding on the beach or decide to have an outdoor wedding behind one of those hotels we talked about earlier, there are always options.

Your wedding can be magical and memorable when you have an outdoor wedding instead of one that’s indoors. Of course, it’s trendy to have an outdoor wedding in the summertime, but autumn and spring weddings outside can be just as beautiful.

We’ve highlighted some of the best reasons for an outdoor wedding in this article.

Way More Intimacy

You can have a big wedding with hundreds of people under your marquees and canopies, but you can choose to have fewer crowds for your outdoor wedding. The views and overlooks that might have groups of people during the tourist season will often be deserted. This means you can erect the canopy and host your wedding outside.

It’s Often Cheaper

Often, vendors are more willing to give discounts during the off-season. The slow season can also be good for your wedding as it is much more friendly on your budget, and it’s not as busy. As a result, vendors would be more inclined to make the whole experience cheaper for you. Flooring under your canopy in the Fall may be more affordable than in summer, for example.

It Has a Unique Charm

It’s such a unique way to have your wedding. Most venues and landowners can accommodate an outdoor wedding. So whether you want to be married on the beach, in a field, or on the top of the cliffs, there are options. Photography as a result of your wedding being outside will be simply stunning.

Presents Many Catering Options

You have so many unique catering options for the outdoors. If you decide to hire a hotel or a country house for your wedding, you generally have to stick with their in-house caterers to be able to feed your guests. However, if you choose to erect a canopy outside, you’re free to cater your wedding. If you want a sushi van or a delivery from the local pizza place, you absolutely can do that.

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