Why Is Genetics Becoming a Hot Topic?

There are many medical advances changing healthcare today. However, the most significant advances always seem to come as we get into smaller, more minor matters. Our genetics take things right down to the microscopic scale. Genetic testing is more widely in use across different industries – so, why is this the case?

Here are a few reasons.

People are interested in their heritage

We live in an increasingly interconnected world. Multiculturalism and immigration play more prominent roles. This is creating curiosity about their exact ancestry. Businesses like 23 and Me have played a significant role in marketing the solution to this particular need for knowledge. As a result, people have been peering deeper into their family histories. In addition, of course, they have played a considerable role in helping find family connections that have been lost as a result, as well.

An important role in preventative medicine

Of course, there are reasons that genetics have become so prevalent beyond satisfying our egoistic curiosities, as well. Our genetics play a significant factor in our health, often explaining our genetic predispositions to certain aspects. There are many cases where we can better improve our health, such as going for preventative treatments and avoiding risk factors if we know that we have a genetically heightened chance of experiencing a specific illness or condition down the line. Genetic testing has helped to play a massive role in improving preventive and predictive healthcare.

Genetic data is becoming increasingly important

The data from genetics is helpful in more than just our individual experiences. The question of companies gathering up personal data is indeed one that is becoming increasingly complex and fraught with concerns. However, as companies like MedComp Sciences are improving our genetic testing and data-gathering processes, it leads to tangible benefits. One of the most noteworthy is the improved identification of “John and Jane Does,” such as the recent identification of one of John Wayne Gacy’s victims. In addition, explaining to families and friends the fates of loved ones has real-life implications that speak to the benefits of genetic testing.

The question of genome editing

We’re not just collecting data to learn more about genes, either. Increasingly, we are taking steps towards being able to change and edit genes. Companies like CRISPR are looking into genome editing for a range of purposes. This can include enhancing the food for better nutrients and less waste, treating and preventing diseases, and even editing genes before birth to reduce the chances of specific conditions that might affect children.

Genetic testing and perhaps even augmentation are likely to play an ever-increasing role, not just in healthcare but also in other fields.

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