Road Trip: Getting Your Car Ready

It’s important to make sure your automobile is ready for a road trip. Before hitting the road, do some checks. This page will explain how to fulfill each one. By following these suggestions, you can assure your car’s good condition and safe travel.

Check Oil And Level

Before a road trip, check the. Driving without oil might cause catastrophic damage. Find the dipstick to check the oil level. Wipe it off, then reinstall it. Look at the oil line once again. If it’s below Full, your automobile has enough oil. If not, add additional (see the owner’s manual).

The oil’s color indicates its condition. It’s brown or golden. Changing oil if it’s dark or sludgy.

Check Tires

Tires are another important pre-trip inspection. You can find this information in your owner’s handbook or on a sticker inside the driver’s door. Using a dime, inspect the tread. Invert it into the tread groove. Seeing Lincoln’s head means you need new tires. If not, they’re fine.

Tire inflation is quick and straightforward. You’ll need a tire gauge and an air compressor ( these are usually located near the air hose at gas stations). Check and fill each tire’s pressure. Inflate carefully!

Your Brakes

Check your brakes before a road trip. Test the brakes by depressing the pedal. Stop quickly. If not, check the brakes or fluid. See a mechanic ASAP. Also, utilize your parking brake. This feature prevents your automobile from rolling away while parked on an incline.

Check Lighting

Before a road trip, check your car’s lights. Headlights, taillights, braking system, and turn signals. Turn on the car and each light to test them. Next, walk around the car to check the back and front. Replace any burned-out bulbs ( you can find these at most auto parts stores).


Always fill up your tank before a road trip. You don’t want to be stranded without gas. Plan by finding the nearest gas station.

Arrange Break Down Cover

You never want to use this, but you will kick yourself if you don’t have it and you end up breaking down. Even when completing all your checks you can never guarantee that you won’t need Roadside Assistance so, make sure you have it in place before any road trip. 

Pack Emergency Supplies

Even on a short journey, it’s smart too. First-aid kit, flares, jumper cables, flashlight, and a bottle of oil. Add snacks and drinks in case you’re trapped. 

Check Belts And Hoses

Before a vacation, inspect your car’s belts and hoses. Belts power your engine, so keep them in good shape. Coolant and gasoline hoses might deteriorate and crack over time. Check their condition with a mechanic.

Wash Car

Before a road trip, clean your car. It will be in better shape and easier to drive. Damp-wipe the dashboard, seats, and doors. Next, vacuum carpets and remove garbage or dirt. Also, wash the car’s outside.

Follow these suggestions to get your car road-ready for your next road trip. Do you have any other things that should be included in this list? Please add some in the comments.

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