Packing Up To Move To Puerto Rico: The Why’s

Considering packing things up and moving abroad? We don’t blame you. Sometimes, living in the same place for too long can suck the motivation out of you or no longer serve you. Puerto Rico is a great place to live for many reasons. Of which, we will discuss today.

Tax benefits

Living in Puerto Rico benefits those who work and pay high taxes. We all know how draining it is to pay taxes and say goodbye to a big chunk of your money. The country uses Act 60, which you will want to know about. There are great Act 60 tax benefits, such as paying minimum or no tax at all. Why is this great? It means that whether you work for yourself or a company, you can enjoy all of your earnings instead of needing to pay tax. 

Opportunities for professionals and entrepreneurs

Professionals and entrepreneurs have the chance to advance their careers and expand their business ventures in Puerto Rico. Given its strategic location, business-friendly environment, and access to international markets, the island has garnered much attention among startups, established companies, and remote employees in particular. Being a place where the technology industry is thriving, tourism is booming, and countless opportunities for profitable sustainability and renewable energy businesses are arising, Puerto Rico is indeed an exciting and promising ecosystem for those with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Living in the tropics

When moving to a new home in a country like Puerto Rico, you can also enjoy warmer days. One of the things to look forward to most in Puerto Rico is the tropical weather. The weather in Puerto Rico is what one would expect of a tropical paradise. It’s sunny, warm and humid. The average temperature in Puerto Rico is about eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit. Living in Puerto Rico feels like you are on a never ending vacation. 

Rich in culture 

Puerto Rico is a territory comprised of a culture that is a mix of Taino Indian, Spanish, and African. These cultures were mixed to create a unique and interesting fusion of traditions, foods, and beliefs. Culture is everywhere in Puerto Rico, so what place doesn’t have its own cultural background? The difference is that it is so exotic and interesting that it is probably the best gift the islands have given you. Puerto Rico has its own music and instruments, its own flavors in food, its own languages, and even its own traditional instrument, called the Cuatro.

Convenient location

In the heart of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico affords residents easy access to the neighboring islands, the mainland USA, and Latin American countries. With countless direct flights to major mainland cities and countries, Puerto Rico acts as a good hub for travel, business, and leisure. It also serves as a great base for exploring the Caribbean’s natural wonders and heritage.

Lower cost of living

The cost of living is slightly lower than in the U.S. because rent is 59 percent above the national average, and groceries are 21 percent higher than the national average. Plus, the cost of living is 17 percent lower than in the USA. Housing costs are 43 percent lower than in the U.S.; the monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in a central location is around $425. Healthcare is 74 percent lower than the U.S.

Outdoor recreation opportunities

With so many options for outdoor adventure in the diverse terrain, there is something for everyone when moving to Puerto Rico. From hiking through the El Yunque National Forest to ground-level spelunking through underground caves, horseback riding on the beach or along the rivers, surfing along the coast, or simply watching the waves crash with a Corona, Puerto Rico’s outdoor adventure opportunities are endless. Every type of activity imaginable is possible due to its ideal location and environment. Activity opportunities are limitless 365 days a year!

Bustling community and lifestyle

Puerto Rico’s communities offer a sense of belonging, and the closeness of the island has also helped. In fact, half of this Latin island’s residents live in San Juan, where the everyday pace of life tends to be fast and high-powered. Hands-on expat reports suggest that many locals live close to friends and family in leafy residential pockets. There are also many vibrant expat communities comprised of people who have moved to Puerto Rico from other countries specifically to enjoy a new lifestyle in the Caribbean. Whether you want to live in a high-rise and be within walking distance of shops, restaurants, and nightclubs or in a sleepy hamlet up in the mountains where you wake every morning to birdsong, there is bound to be somewhere in Puerto Rico that will suit you.

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