Pregnant Women Should Expect Quirky Symptoms

Being pregnant can be bizarre. Even if you ask your friends, family, and medical professionals questions, read every book you could get your hands on and search the internet for any additional information you may have missed, and even if you think you have it all figured out and know exactly what to expect, there are probably still some things you don’t know. You need to learn more about some unusual pregnancy symptoms that most people don’t discuss since they can be a little unsettling or frightening if they occur to you without your knowledge.

Pregnancy symptoms, like other conditions, are not all horrifying or reason for alarm. But it’s only normal to feel a little apprehensive when you assume you know what to expect and then encounter something you weren’t ready for. Strange symptoms are exactly that—weird. They may also come as a surprise. But when your friends become pregnant and come to you for advice and information, some of them can also be things you don’t want to share.

You Might Experience Nasal Bleeding 

During pregnancy, some people get nosebleeds more frequently than in general. That’s because your nose’s blood vessels may enlarge and become more vulnerable to rupture from the additional blood. Even though it can be unsettling to see blood while pregnant without suspecting anything is amiss, a nosebleed doesn’t always mean there is a reason to be alarmed. That being said, it’s crucial to seek emergency medical assistance if you can’t get the nosebleed to stop, experience other pain while it’s happening, have trouble breathing, or are concerned that you have them too frequently.

You Start To Drool 

Drooling might not be that shocking when it comes down to it, but it probably wasn’t something you were expecting before you became pregnant. When you’re pregnant, you deal with a lot more saliva than is customary. The increase in salivation can be attributed to hormones, nausea, and heartburn, all of which are prevalent during pregnancy. You may be able to control it by using mouthwash and brushing your teeth more frequently.


Constipation during pregnancy can be a miserable ailment. Your constipation throughout your early pregnancy is due to high progesterone levels. Don’t be too hard on yourself; don’t be embarrassed to notify your doctor if you have constipation problems. They might be able to offer advice that will be useful.

You Possess an Amazing Sense of Smell

You already know that pregnancy has many effects, but one that you might not be aware of is how it might influence your sense of smell. Your sense of smell may become more acute during pregnancy due to the increased blood flow. Things that have never bothered you will start to worry you, and your sense of smell may become even more acute.

Rashes Everywhere

Discussing the topic with your doctor can be a good idea because there are a few different reasons that can make you itchy when pregnant. It could be cholestasis, which is treatable, or it could just be irritation brought on by your skin stretching as your pregnancy advances. Use a skin cream that is nutritious and bring it up at your next appointment.

You Get a Metallic Aftertaste 

Although it’s not entirely unusual, you might not be expecting a metallic taste in your mouth during pregnancy. You can connect a change in taste with a change in smell. It may also be connected to hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy.

You’ve Become A Little Uncoordinated 

When you’re pregnant, you could find you’re a little clumsier than usual. There are several causes for that. Your capacity to maintain balance may be impacted by hormones, a different center of balance, and other factors. Step cautiously and keep your attention on the task at hand to reduce the chance of becoming careless.

Hip Pain 

Hip discomfort is another pregnancy symptom you might not anticipate, though it is not very unusual either. It’s not surprising that you could experience some pain given your changing, growing physique, and increased weight. A portion of hip pain can also be attributed to the surge in hormones associated with pregnancy. 

Even though you’ve already heard a lot about the possible side effects of pregnancy, there are certain things that might still astound you. You can be a little bit more ready if—or when—they happen if you know what some of the odd things include.

Only Slip-On Shoes 

Avoid purchasing any shoes with laces. They must be slip-on shoes. Because once your bulge is large enough, you cannot tie them by gracefully bending over. When you finally have everything together, the baby stops wailing, and you feel like Wonder Woman; you’re ready to leave the house once you have the baby and begin using a carrier. And you realize that you cannot bend over to tie your shoes since you are not wearing them.

You Could Develop Cankles 

Your body naturally stores extra water during pregnancy. Swelling due to fluid retention can occur all over your body but is most common in the fingers, feet, and excess fat around your ankles

Water builds up in the lower body parts throughout the course of the day. Hot weather and prolonged standing both have the potential to make swelling worse. Additionally, the developing womb adds weight, which puts additional pressure on your legs’ blood flow. A similar fluid buildup could occur in your legs, ankles, and feet.

Dark Areolas And Protruding Nipples

Your breasts want to ensure everything is set up because they are excited about the impending birth. Your areolas also have a tendency to darken, expand, and enlarge the tiny sweat gland bumps that lubricate the area when you nurse. While both can cause some women to “belch,” this is normal. If you don’t want others to look at you, try to minimize your braless, white t-shirt outings.

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