Properly Heating Your Home’s Large Rooms

Getting your home ready for the changes in the weather is vital. While you might take steps to open up and cool down a home in the summer, in the winter, you need to make sure that you’re doing what you can to stay toasty. However, it often seems complicated to keep rooms warm when they’re larger or of a more open-plan design. Here, we’ll look at some tips to ensure those big rooms don’t cool down too quickly.

Make good use of a space heater

While not one of the most energy-efficient solutions, there is no denying the effectiveness of the classic space heater. Keeping these close to any communal area, such as the living room’s seating area is a good idea. They have a somewhat limited range of heat, and the room will get cooler as you spread out from it, so it’s all about placement.

Have the right ventilation and heating system

If you’re not planning on moving to a smaller space soon, you should ensure that your heating system is built to the area’s specific needs. For instance, radiators aren’t likely to work well in a larger space, but reverse-cycle heating might do just fine. These are built to cycle warm air around the entire room, which is much more effective for larger rooms with plenty of air to cycle.

Consider going underfoot

While not as comfortable in every room, if you have a large kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere you’re more likely to be barefoot, you might want to look at heating under your feet. It can be expensive to install underfloor heating; there’s no denying that, but it is very energy efficient when installed, so it may help you eventually recoup the installation costs through the money saved on heating bills.

Cover it up

Aside from the various heating installations, you can invest in, you can look at the various ways to retain heat in the room better. Thicker curtains are one of the better ways to keep heat trapped and prevent as much transfer through the windows. Soft furnishings such as rugs, throws, and more can help maintain the space’s coziness, covering up bare floors and walls so that those surfaces don’t cool the air as much.

Invest in insulation

Ensure that your home has insulation. While insulating the home can be pretty costly, it is one investment that will pay for itself upon completion. You should look at state packages and incentives to help you save money on installing insulation.

With the tips above, keeping a large room toasty should be much more feasible and shouldn’t cost as much energy.

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