4 Steps To Improve Garden Smells

Having a house with a garden is a luxury that everyone wishes they could have. As such, you want to do your best to make it one of the nicest areas of your home. Plenty of things can make a garden look good, but you can’t forget the smell.

Your garden is outdoors (obviously), meaning it can end up smelling worse than expected. Smells can come from within your garden itself or surrounding areas. What can you do to make a smelly garden smell a lot better? Here are four straightforward steps you can follow:

Plant flowers in your garden

Flowers will have natural scents that instantly make your garden smell much more sociable. If you have a few flowerbeds dotted around the place, you will see a difference immediately. The air will smell fresher and can cover any foul smells that might be trying to sneak into your garden. 

Use natural mulch

What is mulch? Mulch is a layer of material you usually lay on top of the soil. It can be applied when you’re planting your flowers, but it serves a few purposes. Firstly, it helps to keep water in the soil, which makes it easier to grow and cultivate your plants. Secondly, it reduces the chances of weeds forming, making your garden maintenance much more manageable. 

However, some mulch also has the ability to make your garden smell amazing. The trick is using something like natural Texas cedar mulch, which has come directly from a tree. As a result, it takes on the smell of the tree and can add a pleasant odor to your outdoor area. When combined with your flowers, the effect is impressive. 

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Mow your lawn regularly

Nothing beats the smell of freshly cut grass, so make sure you mow your lawn regularly. You can do this once a week or two if you like; just make sure you don’t put your mower in the shortest setting. Regular cuts are also suitable for lawn health, stopping the grass from getting long and smelly. 

Pick up after your pets

Do you have a pet dog or cat? If so, you should probably watch their toilet behavior in your garden! With cats, try to get a litterbox indoors for them to use, as it is much better and won’t make your garden stink. It’s harder to do this with dogs, so clean up after them. 

Not only will this stop your garden from smelling, but it will also keep it nice and clean.

Like that, you have done four simple things to make your garden smell nicer. Adding flowers and mulch can do wonders by bringing beautiful natural smells to this outdoor area. This can go a long way to covering up and replacing any bad smells you might have previously smelled. Mowing your lawn and picking up after your pets can also be brilliant at removing the source of some bad smells – like long wet grass and animal poop.

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