3 Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Branding

When people start an eCommerce business via a larger platform, it can seem like they don’t have to do much of the leg work. While many people sell their items through online stores like Etsy, the fact is that you still need to create an eCommerce branding campaign that will appeal. It’s not just about the products but about ensuring you give your customers an amazing experience. So how can you build an amazing eCommerce brand?

Fine-Tune Your Visuals

You need to create visuals in terms of your logo, typography, and colors and ensure they all work together. Because if you want to create an amazing experience for a customer by sending them a product on time and ensuring that they are pleased as punch with the products, it’s worth nothing if your visuals aren’t up to code. Your branding will not just be on your website, but on the products you physically send to customers, so it’s important to spend this time thinking about the iconography that effortlessly communicates who you are. When you put your logo on custom-printed mailer boxes and paper receipts, you need that level of consistency that sends an unconscious message to your customer that your brand is wholesome and trustworthy.

Rethinking Your Web Copy

Understanding your voice is critical to how you promote yourself as a brand. It is not just about selling products, but it’s about making sure you sell them in the copy you provide. Your brand voice is how your company comes across when speaking to your audience. There are so many different tones of voice that you can use, from being thorough to warm, friendly, funny, or helpful, but it’s important to recognize the consistency of this across your brand. When we start understanding more about what we can do to fine-tune our copy, it will humanize our brand.

Providing a Clear Vision

You should communicate your eCommerce branding via marketing copy if you differentiate yourself in every business aspect. For example, if you are a more eco-friendly business than your competitors, this can form the main copy that shows your defining statement. This is why you need to understand what you want to achieve from your business. Many people who start eCommerce businesses are doing it to sell products that connect with their values. When you start to think about why you want to sell a specific type of product, either because it is made by your fair hand or addresses a pain point in the market, having your marketing copy reflect your vision will ensure that you are promoting yourself as a brand, not just an online store.

Because eCommerce businesses cover various industries and products, it is more important than ever to differentiate yourself. Smaller businesses can find themselves struggling to make a profit because they are not gaining a better understanding of what their brand really is. This is why these three components can start you in the right direction.

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