What Standards Do You Bring To Your Brand?

Every business is an extension of its owner’s priorities and values. We see this in the small businesses that we feel happy to support, knowing that the management is making good decisions and really do cherish their clients.

When running your own business, you likely wish to replicate that same clarity of thought and care. However, running a business is indeed difficult and comes with many distractions and side responsibilities, and as such, living up to every perfect ideal you might have can seem like a herculean task.

Practicality is essential here, as is setting the priorities you think are most important. Sure, you might not be able to excel in every single department and never make a mistake, but you can prioritize the standards that matter to you and work from there.

That sounds well and good on the surface. But let’s consider the actual standards such an approach may provide. With that in mind, let’s consider the following:

Customer-Centric Focus

Taking a customer-centric focus isn’t just a nice platitude for your firm. It’s something that new business owners really do care for. This is especially true if you’re trying to solve a need that you once had or fix an issue that you felt was important to settle once and for all finally. Perhaps you want to serve culturally authentic cuisine or offer a small device to make the lives of new mothers easier. Considering how you would act as a consumer, what questions you’d like answered, and learning how to onboard these measures into your life is nothing, if not inspiring to plan for. 

This can even inspire the technical measures involved in planning your brand’s productive capabilities, such as using the for your manufacturing approach to ensure quality control. As a consumer yourself, you know how important reliability is.

The Personification Of Your Brand

It’s important to recognize that not only do you influence your brand, but as the leader, you become the personification of your brand too. That’s why it’s hard for most people to discuss figures like Steve Jobs without mentioning Apple or the iPhone. The personification of your brand is not just about being publicly visible but about believing in your brand mission, learning to articulate that, dressing appropriately, and making certain that you can speak to people and help them understand what you’re trying to achieve. If you can hold that to a high standard, that benefit will also flow into your firm.

Authenticity & Social Responsibility

It’s hard to understate how much authenticity and a genuine presence in your community can help your brand. You don’t need to pretend at this, of course. Loudly and proudly showcasing where you’re from, why your values are the way they are, and paying respect to your local community and area can gather great goodwill. This is also true of developing social responsibility for your brand, which may include contributing to local charities or ensuring you have a code of ethics on which you base your business, perhaps sustainability being one of them.

With this advice, you’ll be better able to determine not just what your business brings to the market but the standards and values you bring to your business.

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Todd Smekens

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