Never Ignore These Health Symptoms

Experiencing some scary health symptoms can freak you out. When your chest hurts, or you’ve got a headache you can’t shake – you’re likely to fear the worst immediately! But should you? Do you have to fall into a pit of panic and call the doctor? While a trip to the doctor would never hurt, and you should go if you need some detailed advice, there’s no guarantee about anything quite yet. So, let’s go through some of the most common worrying symptoms and see what they could be.

Chest Pain

Chest pain is one of the most worrying symptoms anyone can experience. It can be a sign of heart or lung trouble; in the older generation, it’s a health symptom to see a doctor about as soon as possible. 

However, chest pain can be caused by something as simple as a trapped nerve or a pulled muscle. If you’re physically fit and active, this can be a scenario that plays out often. If you’re worried, you can call a non-essential health line to ask about what you’re experiencing and let the operator talk you through your options. 


You may have heard that a toothache can be linked to issues in the brain and heart or even be a sign of pressure where liquid shouldn’t collect. However, there’s no need to panic here; while oral health plays a big role in heart and brain health, the more you check things out, the less you worry about your overall health. 

A toothache could be just a problem with a tooth alone or an issue with the gums – simple to fix if you visit a place like Sage Dental and talk to a dentist about your problem. It could be a bit of trapped food, a small cavity, or an easy-to-fix abscess that’s come up over the past couple of days. 


A headache that comes on suddenly is very intense or hasn’t gone away despite it being over 48 hours can be something to worry about. In a case like this, make a doctor’s appointment. This particular headache could indicate a bigger condition in the background; the earlier you know, the better. 

But if you’ve a headache, take over-the-counter medication and drink plenty of water. It could be a sign you’re dehydrated, haven’t eaten in a while, didn’t get enough sleep, or are dealing with a lot of stress. Think about if any apply to you and go from there. 


Swelling could result from an insect bite or another allergic reaction, but it’s always something you should see a doctor about. You can never be sure when it’ll stop or when the inflammation will start to reduce. You could soon experience walking, talking, and breathing issues if left unchecked. 

Scary symptoms like these can often be relatively harmless. Don’t panic – talk to a doctor.

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