How To Save Money When Traveling

Traveling can cost a fortune if you’re not savvy with your money. Flights, transportation, accommodation, food, and other things pile on one another to create massive costs. It’s so much that many of you may think twice about traveling around and exploring. 

We should all try to see as much of this world as possible – particularly when we have the time to do so. With that in mind, here are some tips to slash the costs of traveling and make it a bit more budget-friendly:

Avoid hotels

Pay for apartments or hostels instead, as hotels are extremely expensive. They cost a lot of money because you pay for loads of additional services – some of which you may never use. The cost of a hotel room could include room service costs, laundry costs, using a pool/spa, food costs, and so on. 

Apartments or hostels don’t come with all of these extra services. Well, some hostels do – which is why you should look for ones that allow you to be self-sufficient, make your meals, wash, etc. They will cost far less per night, so you’ll save an absolute fortune. 

Pack lightly

Don’t bring multiple suitcases or bags with you on your travel adventures. You’ll end up spending more money checking bags into flights – plus you’ll be forced to pay for expensive taxis because you have so much luggage to carry around. 

Instead, pack as lightly as can be. Don’t bring too many clothes as you can wash them while you’re there. If your accommodation has washing facilities, use them. If not, look for self-service laundry places where you’re staying. They’re found everywhere and can also be called dobi layan diri in parts of Southeast Asia and other popular travel destinations. Now, you can reuse your clothes instead of packing them two or three times as much. It saves money on luggage, which adds up to a lot of cash if you travel to many places. 

Walk as much as possible

Whenever you can, try to walk between places; if somewhere is a 10-minute taxi journey or a 25-minute walk, opt to walk. You’ll be amazed at how much money you can save using your feet instead of paying for cars or public transport. It can even be more cost-effective to rent things like electric bikes or scooters in some places rather than using public transport systems

Obviously, there are times when you can’t walk. In these cases, research to figure out the cheapest way of getting from A to B. Finding fellow travelers to hang around with may let you split the cost of taxis or local car services so they become more affordable.
There are two main reasons to save money when traveling. The first is that it lets you travel to more places throughout the year, so you broaden your horizons. Second, this can help you make a career out of traveling the world! You can see so many places, spend so much time moving around, and then get paid via blogs, YouTube videos, etc.

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