How to Sustainably Remodel Your Home

Something is exciting about remodeling your house; you’re breathing new life into it. You’re giving it the chance to look different, to keep up with the times, the changing interior, and the demands that people want in their homes. Plus, it’s like you’re living in a new home without actually having to pay the price for a new home; who wouldn’t love that? But with that said, one other thing to think about is the sustainable aspect of remodeling a home project

It’s not enough to add smart home capabilities or energy-efficient windows. There’s the actual remodeling process, too, that you need to think about! So, here’s how you can sustainably remodel your home!

You Need to Have Strategic Planning for the Transformation

You’ll need to kickstart your sustainable home remodel by developing a comprehensive plan that incorporates eco-friendly practices. There’s honestly a lot that needs to go into consideration, like having energy-efficient designs, what sustainable materials can be used (and affordable), and what layouts you can have that optimize natural light, laying the groundwork for a green transformation. 

Waste-Reducing Deconstruction 

Honestly, when it comes to any home remodel, there’s usually a lot of deconstruction, which means that there’s a lot of waste. You’ll need to rent a dumpster and throw out the debris, and it’s just not something you ever think about again once it’s disposed of, right? But if you truly want to be sustainable, then this is something you need to think about, too. 

So, instead of a traditional demolition, it might be best to opt for deconstruction methods to salvage reusable materials. Why do this? Well, this waste-reducing approach involves carefully dismantling structures to salvage materials like wood, fixtures, and appliances for reuse or recycling, minimizing the volume of construction waste. So, no one is going to be carelessly banging a mallet into a wall until the drywall crumbles and the wood beams bust.

Upcycle and Repurpose What You Can

If you’re able to, try to repurpose and upcycle whatever you can. Some contractors (if you opt to hire one) will try their best to do this; some have a strong focus on creating little waste

Look Into Eco-Friendly Construction Materials

Ideally, you’re going to want to choose construction materials with sustainability in mind. It’s best to just go ahead and opt for recycled or reclaimed wood, bamboo, and other eco-friendly options. A lot of home improvement stores have these, and you can even ask your contractor to get these materials, too. As you probably already know, these materials not only contribute to waste reduction but also imbue your home with a distinctive, environmentally conscious aesthetic.

Be Smart with Your Disposal

Whether it’s you or a contractor doing the dirty work, never just throw everything together into one dumpster. Instead, you’ll need to ensure responsible disposal and recycling practices- it means nothing to have a sustainable house if your process is far from sustainable. You’ll need to establish clear guidelines for sorting materials on-site and coordinate with local recycling centers to repurpose or recycle construction waste.

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