Do You Rely on Alcohol a Bit Too Much

It is a crutch many of us lean on in certain situations, whether you are battling with anxiety and need a drink to loosen up, or you think nothing of opening a bottle of wine at the end of a stressful day. If you are becoming a way that you are relying on alcohol a little bit too much, either because of modern stresses or you are using it as a coping strategy, there are many things to consider here, including the following:

Do You Feel Tempted in Any Situation? 

Many people drink and drive, and a DUI lawyer will tell you about the incredibly negative effects of doing this not just on your life but on those who love you. If you feel the temptation in any situation, you should remember that these situations are environments that trigger your urge to drink and can result in major relapses. You should avoid these situations until you have the mental strength.

Seek Advice From Your Doctor

One of the best places on the road to recovery is consulting with your doctor to explore different treatment options. These could include supplements or medications that can aid your recovery, but it may also be rehab or other forms of addiction treatment. A doctor can guide you towards the best solution for you while also educating you on certain aspects of alcoholism, for example, withdrawal symptoms, and should reassure you that if symptoms become severe or concerning, you go back and get medical attention. There are also mutual support groups like AA that can provide additional support and guidance.

Locate Your Support System

From friends to family and support groups as well as professional counselors, there are many ways you can get encouragement, guidance, and most importantly, an understanding of alcohol reliance throughout your recovery process. Support groups can provide feedback but also help you understand what the next stage is in your path to sobriety.

Reward Your Progress

The best way to reduce reliance on alcohol, regardless of how extreme it is, is to take one step in front of the other. Choosing a method that works best for you is key because when trying to minimize relapses, we should understand that setbacks are a normal part of the recovery process for many people, and we mustn’t lose sight of the overall goal. Be sure to celebrate successes in your journey because this can motivate yourself and help you acknowledge how far you have truly come even if there are days when it doesn’t feel like you have.

Remember Your “Why”

Sometimes remembering the real reasons why you consume alcohol versus the reasons why you should quit is an exercise that can solidify your steps to sobriety. These can be a reminder of what you can do when facing challenges. Taking the time to remember why you are doing this might make all of the difference when you rely on alcohol, whether it’s during the holiday season or it’s your knee-jerk reaction to stress.

We all can feel that on occasion we rely on alcohol too much. But rather than berating yourself for this, it’s far more productive to help yourself.

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