7 Effective Marketing Hacks

Marketing can be a challenging process sometimes. You think you’re onto a good thing, only to find out several months later that your beloved strategy doesn’t quite work. 

The trick here is to try lots of new things. If you have a good product, something will eventually work. It’s just a question of finding the right format or channel. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the types of marketing that you’ll want to try when you’re at your wit’s end. Even if you think you’ve tried everything, there are always more options. 

Direct Mail

If you’re struggling to reach your audience online, try direct mail instead. Here, you’re sending out material to your prospects in the post. 

Direct mail is an old-school strategy, and most firms now ignore it. But that’s opening up opportunities for those who continue to pursue it. 

Remember, these days, your customers receive relatively little physical marketing via the mail. Most of it is online. So direct mail strategies are a good way to make your firm stand out. 

Partner Marketing

Perhaps your business doesn’t quite have the scale yet to make an impact on the marketplace. Maybe you’re just too small at the moment. 

If so, you might want to try partner marketing. It’s where you work with another brand to offer a cohesive message.

Many companies have done this with considerable success. They tag along with a larger brand for a while until they get the exposure they need, and then they go their own way. 

Think about which companies would benefit from collaborating with your brand. Then leverage this relationship to exploit marketing economies of scale. 

Public Relations Marketing

This form of marketing occurs when you partner with news agencies to create a buzz around your business. Instead of creating overtly commercial content, you instead get journalists to write news stories about your operations and what it is that you do. 

It’s a good way to build brand awareness because it seems neutral. It just looks like a news outlet is writing a story about what you do. However, it is also a subtle form of marketing because it introduces people to your products and services. When they are in need of your help, they are much more likely to consider you first. 

Influencer Marketing

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You don’t have to go to your audience directly anymore – particularly in today’s social media era. Instead, you can channel your marketing efforts through so-called “influencers.” These are just people on Facebook and other platforms who have large audiences that are similar to yours. 

To create a relationship with them, first approach them and tell them that you’d like to work with them. Then learn more about their format. Most influencers are keen to remain commercially neutral so that they can retain authenticity when speaking to their audiences. Ideally, what you want is an influencer who genuinely loves your products and isn’t afraid to share this fact with their audiences. In some cases, influencers may be extolling your virtues already. 

To find an influencer in your niche, use an influencer marketplace. These let you browse hundreds of candidates and connect with them. 

Stealth Marketing

Stealth marketing is the practice of marketing to somebody without them even realizing it. Remember, today’s consumers are extremely cynical about upfront marketing. They don’t like it. Instead, they want to make their own decisions about the brands they choose. 

Stealth marketing is a way of getting around this. Product placements in movies are a good example. Marketing of this type isn’t overt in any way, but it primes consumers to recognize your brand. 

Cause Marketing

People are becoming more socially conscious. As such, cause marketing is taking off. The idea here is to market based on your audience’s values. So, for instance, if they believe that companies should protect the environment, you can play on this. 

Just make sure that you do this authentically. If any of your actions contradict your cause, consumers will find out and may boycott you. 

Personalized Marketing

You might want to try personalized marketing in your approach. This happens when you tailor the type of marketing the customer receives according to their characteristics. So, for instance, you might adjust your marketing depending on whether you’re sending information to a male or female prospect. 

Personalized marketing is more affordable than you think, thanks to automated personalization software. In other words, you don’t have to write out individual names on your correspondence or manually assign content to your leads.

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