How To Stay Independent With Mobility Issues

Many of us experience mobility issues during our lives (often as we get older). Being less mobile can prevent you from getting around as freely. You may even find that you cannot carry out housework properly or even look after yourself. This lack of independence can cause many people to get frustrated and depressed. However, you don’t have to become totally dependent on others. There are various ways to maintain a level of independence with mobility issues, as this post explains. 

Master online banking and online shopping

You can easily keep on top of tasks like banking and shopping by doing them online. This can prevent you from relying on others to do your banking/shopping for you or having to use their assistance to get to the bank or shops.

Almost all banks have apps nowadays that allow you to handle everything from transferring money to cashing checks from your phone. Most supermarkets have online stores that allow you to pick out your groceries each week for times when you can’t physically get to the shops. This isn’t the only way tech can overcome mobility issues. The likes of social media can help you stay in touch with family and friends, while smart technology may allow you to control aspects of your home, such as heating, from an app on your phone. Don’t be afraid to explore this tech.

Make some modifications to your home

Mobility issues can make getting upstairs, showering, or even using the toilet more difficult. As a result, some people have to ask people for help with these tasks. However, this may not be necessary if you’re willing to make a few modifications to your home

For example, installing grab bars and a walk-in shower in a bathroom could do washing and using the toilet much easier without assistance. Meanwhile, you can always install a stairlift if you have trouble getting upstairs. Ramps in certain areas could also help. You may be able to use grants to pay for these home modifications.

Relocate things in easy-to-reach places

When you suffer from mobility issues, make sure that you can easily access important items in your life. For example, if you’ve started using a wheelchair, relocating items at the wheelchair level could be important. This prevents you from standing up to reach items, which could put you at risk of a fall. 

It could be worth setting up convenient stations around your home where you can sit down and reach everything you need. For example, you may want to put all your important living room items like remotes, books, and medication on a table right next to the chair where you usually sit. Look for tables that are just the right height.

Get around easier with a new set of wheels

Many people are reluctant to get a wheelchair or mobility scooter at first. However, you could find that you can get from A to B much faster than where you rely on walking. You could end up saving a lot of time when hampered by mobility issues. Of course, it helps that towns and cities are becoming much more wheelchair-friendly – there are now ramps and lifts everywhere.

Mobility scooters are typically designed for rugged outdoor use. You can even use them on some roads. If you’re going around a large zoo or exploring a town, you could find that a mobility scooter is beneficial. Electric wheelchairs have a tighter turning circle and tend to be better suited for indoor use (although you can also use them outdoors). You may want to consider choosing an electric wheelchair for getting around your home more easily. They can also be useful in shops and indoor attractions.

Exercise daily to keep in shape

Even as your mobility starts to become reduced, it’s important to exercise to maintain strengths in your muscles and joints. Exercise could help to slow down the progression of many mobility issues. It will also stop you from getting overweight.

This doesn’t mean that you should forgo your wheelchair and walk everywhere. It simply means dedicating some time to doing some exercise during your day – even if it’s just arm exercises and leg exercises while sitting down in your chair.

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