5 Ways Back to Optimal Wellness

If you’re feeling stressed or stuck in your life, your wellness is out of balance; this can happen very quickly, and we don’t even notice. The solution is to take up some of the practices that worked for you in the past and integrate them into your life so you stay healthy. 

Conscious observation 

So many of us go through life without paying too much attention to the here and now; even people with some training in conscious observation can forget the practice from time to time and get caught up in thinking and old patterns. But the present moment is the best place to start. 

Conscious observation involves bringing your attention to the present moment and observing what’s happening as if you were in a movie theater. Watch your thoughts, monitor your actions, and feel present in your body with whatever is going on soo you will find your optimal wellness.

Intermittent Fasting

Overeating is the enemy of optimal wellness; it reduces our energy and inspiration and makes us crave more unhealthy food. So if you want to return to optimal health, it’s sensible to turn your attention to your diet and make changes to reduce weight and energize your mind. 

Intermittent fasting is an excellent diet option; the reason is that it aligns well with the hunter-gatherer bodies that we still have. Our minds might be in the future, but our bodies are still in the ancient past and expect to go for long periods without having much to eat. 

Green Smoothies

Intermittent fasting is an excellent way to reduce body weight and find optimal wellness. Still, you can further support an intermittent fasting diet with a green smoothie diet that gives you all of the vitamins and minerals you need without adding any unwanted fat or carbs. 

While green smoothies can be consumed any time of the day – usually based on your requirements – there are also some best practices that you can be aware of; for instance, read this green smoothie guide to find out about what green smoothies offer and when to drink them.  

Social Vitamins 

Whether you are an extrovert or a loner, we all need people and communities in our lives to support and encourage us; if this is something you’re lacking, chances are you don’t have optimal wellbeing. The good news is that optimal well-being can be achieved with some effort.

You have plenty of options if you don’t have someone to turn to, or you want a community but don’t know where to find one. The best idea is to follow your interests and find like-minded people, so if you love books, join a reading group, or need support, contact a free listening service.  

Yoga Practice 

Optimal wellness comprises three main parts, the mental side, the spiritual side, and the physical side, and yoga is one of the best ways to enhance each of these elements. So make some time in your day to join a half-hour yoga class online and find your wellness balance much sooner.

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