How Business Premises Reflect Branding

Is your branding reflected in all business activities including real estate?

Branding must be a constant throughout your business activities. When we think of certain businesses, we tend to think of the premises and buildings they operate out of, especially if that’s an essential element of our products or services. So, for example, purchasing a whisky bottle is often accompanied by the idea of many oaken casks sitting there, allowing the taste of the spirit to develop and become rich in tone. If a company can leverage this imagery in its marketing, it may inspire a purchase.

But of course, companies that welcome customers onto premises, perhaps to sell products or to provide access to equipment (like in a gym) or professionals (such as in an educational institution or clinic) will also see how their building influences those in attendance and can inspire the return of loyal customers or clients.

In this post, we’ll discuss how the often overlooked details of your business help to represent branding, why that’s important, and what to do about it in the best possible sense.

Signposting & Safety

Signposting is a big deal when determining safety within a building. Without it, the easiest and safest route from place to place, and most importantly, the evacuation route outside the building, is less clear than it should be.

In addition, it’s not just a lack of signposting that can be an issue. Unclear signposting, somewhat misleading directional arrows or obscured interfaces can be a problem. ‘You are here’ signs and directional floor lines can make a big difference in helping the healthy traffic flow within your premises, particularly within large buildings where many of the rooms are off-limits to guests. 

Maintenance & Upkeep

It’s essential to maintain the upkeep of the building. Ensure maintenance is tracked correctly, errors are reported, maintenance staff is assigned, and agreed-upon actions for the most egregious issues can be taken with care and speed. CMMS software can provide all of this, no matter the premises, from stadiums to warehouses to industrial buildings. This way, anyone you welcome onto your premises will benefit from a positive branding experience, no matter what stage of your business life cycle.

Tracking & Capacity

It’s essential to make sure you never welcome more people than there should be within the building. This can be a fire risk, and if you don’t track the people within the building, you can never tell who has been given verified access or who might be untrackable. In private buildings, like corporate offices, having everyone sign in and giving guest passes to those within the building is critical. This is also an essential fire safety standard to ensure everyone has evacuated the building at once. It can also help you calculate how many security staff must be present. Sure, capacity limits may not be a ‘noticeable’ detail on the surface, but believe us when we say proper management truly determines the safety of the interior, through and through.

With this advice, you’re sure to see how the details of your business premises represent your brand in the best possible light.

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