Important Factors To Check When Buying New Bedsheets

Everybody loves crawling into bed at the end of a long day and getting a good night’s rest. And no matter how tired you are or how comfortable your mattress is, nobody wants to deal with scratchy, uncomfortable sheets that can leave you tossing and turning all night. Here are a few important factors to check when buying new bedsheets that can make the process as smooth and comfortable as a good night’s sleep.

Thread Count

Thread count is one of those phrases that many hear about but may not know what it actually means. Thread count refers to the number of both horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. Higher thread counts require thinner material and are typically softer to the touch. Typically, thread counts beneath 400 may be a bit rougher and not as comfortable.

Inspection Notes

It’s often a good idea to see what type of inspection your sheets went through before making it to the store shelves. You can rest easy knowing that the sheets went through a rigorous inspection for potentially hazardous chemicals or dyes that may have negative side effects if you spy the OEKO-TEX Standard seal of approval. You may also want to check if the manufacturer ethically sourced the materials or if they used carbon-neutral practices and produced the bedsheets in a way that did little-to-no harm to the environment.


An important factor to check when buying new bedsheets is the exact material. Many sheets are cotton or some form of cotton blend. Different fibers offer different levels of softness, so if you want something more comfortable, you may want to look for Egyptian or Pima cotton. Unfortunately, certain brands may boast that their sheets are Egyptian cotton but use a blend and only use 10-20% Egyptian cotton. Other comfortable options include bamboo or similar plant fibers that are soft to the touch.


Sometimes the simplest details can escape us, but you always want to confirm that you’re getting the right size sheets. Make sure you’re not getting twin XL sheets if you’re fitting a regular twin bed. Getting the measurements for your mattress before you go shopping is always a good idea so you can match them to the measurements on the packaging. In rare instances, just knowing that you have a full or queen-size mattress may not result in you getting sheets that fit as well as they should.

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