Day: December 27, 2022


We Are Not A Democracy

Two video clips on democracy crossed this journalist’s path recently on Twitter, capturing the essence of our problems in such a refreshingly honest way that…

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Military-Industrial Complex: The Endless Cycle of Profiteering and Chaos

I have frequently discussed how oligarchs have become very wealthy off our capitalist system – specifically the military-industrial complex. They thrive off solving problems in…

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Exercise Motivation During The Winter Months

Many people find that motivation to exercise is easier to come by at certain times of the year. Perhaps you have a summer holiday booked…

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Health & Wellness Tips For This Winter

We’ve put together a few wellness tips for this winter because looking after your health and wellness is essential. The colder times of the year…

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How To Properly Scale Up Your Business

We’ve all seen or heard of at least one business that experienced a short but brilliant lifespan: one that burned brightly in its early days,…

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